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Third panel's speech bubbles are fading away.
From the previous page's author note:

I imagine this to be a crab scuttling sideways. With the ">" being pincers and the "o" being the body and then lines of movement.

Clearly I am well-versed in the ways of internet faces.

Also this page~! :D Henry, whatchu up to? Are you hooking your crowbar into that man? Heehee, you're so silly.
I guess I don't see how Dake is actually dead. Their plot didn't seem to work -- the collar malfunctioned, didn't electrocute either of them. Tommy didn't seem to know what was going on last page.

The most I can figure is that the shock Tommy-momma did to send Dake flying killed him. But it wasn't like a normal shock or I'd think Tommy would be hit as well, which is why I didn't know if Dake was dead or not.

Maybe I'd missed something, but it just wasn't very obvious to me what had happened.
February 25th, 2012
Ah, hello, you seem to have made an error in posting things. Because, clearly, this is a cliffhanger that I cannot live with.

I would be much grateful if you corrected your mistake and posted the next page(s) as soon as possible to rectify your mistake.

Otherwise, if you need to reach me, I will be sitting in this corner. Wringing my hands and making high-pitched noises of worry.
February 23rd, 2012
Guys, I don't think Dake is drowning. The second panel shows us his face is above water, and in the third it's just that his belly is obscuring it.
February 13th, 2012
@Jantol: Omfg, I may have laughed at the comic but I freaking rofl'd at your comment/observation. XD Something 'bout dat bellybutton is fascinating!
Nearly everything Eila says is a question. XD But oh man, I'm near panicking about what's going to happen.

Poor tiny Dake. Don't let him die. (Tommy neither I guess.)
Interesting that even though the symbol's shape itself is no longer resembling the original penis, it still burns him? Does that mean it's holy metal or something, and that something just penis-shaped won't burn him? Or is it more how you can grab two sticks and hold them together to form a cross to scare off a vampire despite it not being an actual religious cross and rather just the shape?

...I've clearly been awake for too long.
Ooo~ Driver's test? Didja pass? Lmao, you'll probably be stalked by a family of evil opossums who will make you crash. D:
February 3rd, 2011
Um, yeah? o.o;; 'Cause Henry's the name he prefers?
December 13th, 2010
You won't believe how much seeing crazy Thomas made me squee. OwO

And lol, I'm not exactly sure if Evil Doctor's left hand is supposed to be going to Nurse Motorboat's chest like that, but it's still amusing.
December 6th, 2010
BWAHAHA Nurse Motorboat. >D

I love how much they've planned this out. "We'll make it a lot worse then just hope he doesn't actually die."

They conning them for lotsa money to buy more Nurse-Joy clones?
December 2nd, 2010
Maybe I'm really silly but I don't get why she's telling him to 'open wide' when she's using a syringe. Is she going to inject the tranquilizer in his mouth or is she wanting him to open up his vein?


Oh well, at least his huge '?' is explained. I guess they're just no good doctors. (LOL I BET THAT'S THE ANSWER and I'm just stupid for asking.)
November 19th, 2010
The over-dramatic nature of this guy is making me crack up so much. XD SHOW ME THEM!!
October 29th, 2010
LMFAO!! Thomas is in quite an excellent position to, ahem, do some epic motorboating there. Well, if he wasn't asleep, that is.

These last couple of pages have given me giggling fits.
Oh lord. I have to agree with whoever posted above -- I really hope/think it's the lawnmower guy now. We can't see his skin, his hair is the same length/color, he's already run into Atty...
Oh okay, good. ^^; But I'm also having a problem with these past couple of pages. Like if I click on 'latest page' it takes me to page 178 instead of this one. I think it's because these past few pages have been categorized under 'unchaptered' instead of chapter five.

(Augh I feel like a complainer. D: )

Aaaaah! It's huge!
Hmm. Well he can't be the rival from the Gold/Silver games, his hair's too dark. Maybe he's the playable male from that game, but from the future?

Besides being just plain creepy, does he have any reason for even splooshing Atty? Except just because he's as fed up as the rest of us at rivals popping up after hard days of training, even if the rival in question wasn't his.
Man that cop got a quickly healed black eye. :D Oh yay he's getting EATEN DAMN!

The money made me LOL so hard.