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heya~ this is HALEY of Hyper squad productions... me and Nickey are the authors~ and leaders of our circle~! but i upload/update most things XD i'm the workhorse and she's the talent, but one day i'l have my own style~! just you wait!
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    Haley-chan! (call me with -CHAN! xD)
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but bug pokemon are awesome!
Remeber Bugsy? everyone loves bugsy...
jhoto isn't that far from kanto...
no more metapod battles ;A;

the bar is plenty cute as is, don't make it sad by saying its not pretty~!
What's her name~? :D
I always pressed B in time with the shakeing ;D

what's her name? I can't remeber if it was said in brightside... i can't remeber what kahn's sister's name is either TT_TT; oops. hope she gets mentioned again lol.
sorta random,
THIS is to Rot Atty's Insides(with the power of love) <3 happy early valantines day~

Charmanders are red. Squirtles are blue. If you were a pokemon, I’d choose you. Your smile is stronger than a hyperbeam. Like Jesse and James, we’d make the perfect Rocket Team. I’l always be by your side like Ash's Pikachu, I'l go even farther then Brock would for you. You’re more legendary than a Articuno, Mew or Mewtwo, out of the One-Fifty I still choose you!
kyaa nickey! *runs* there is a perfectly good reason why i haven't updated....
oh heeeyyyy animefest tomorrow, i have to get to bed~ *flys off*
XD yes. yes indeed.
Nickey says hi *we are at delta h con*
XD oh and in the next episode preview... there is...
because i'm an idiot
this page was completed before a lot of the others, as such i never uploaded it, well it's uploaded now, i hope the flow is better now XD
i'm sorry this wasn't uploaded on time
i was out of state, with the comics and couldn't get to a scanner, i'm sorry this is 2 weeks late D:
and introduceing the pretty girl
here be becky, the bishojo and our bestest freind <3
she has a weird personality

(a weird, lovable one) so i'm sure once you get to know her you'l join her list of spouses. now in the 800+
because everyone who meets becky, and loves her, and marryies her. (unnoflicially, but still) <3
so yeah, we love our fans <3
the "idiots" are nickey and amber that will be appearing at the end of this chapter In person, but they are not on this page.
on THIS PAGE there are two girls from the volume one cover... the other two are random side characters.
two of those side characters are main characters in disguise kekeke. look at the 'volume one cover' and it's pretty obvious :D
Replies to comments!:

@MonokromeClover AKA shuu-chan~ the 'snap' is byakuya getting free ans slapping becky. and he's just a orb of energy, so he can't get hurt :P
i'm sorry for doubting you, ruler-sama i'l never try to draw panels without you again O^O

hey there~ 13 fans, 13 pages~
if you are new to smackjeeves, join the site then click on the star at the top of this page, to the right of the banner, yeah that <3 it lets us know you love guardian spirits and gives us fans, witch in time gets the word out more and more of our comic <3
aw, so sad. awesome page like always~ <3 in class if possible ^_^ and goodluck~ :D
hey~ two weeks of successfull updates
*proudness* i updated on time~ <3
well, this page has decent color~ yay.

sooo page 12 eh? hmmm then chapter one should be about 20 pages, maybe 22. XD
oh and i had a ton of fun drawing becky-chan over and over on this page, i hope she thinks this is close to her personality :S to get slapped by a floating orb with wings X3 ok it's a bit weird, but keep reading to get some thigns clarified :D
sooo, i only used prismacolors on these pages ^_^; no colored pencil... >_< i wanted to get them up on time for once... i hope you like~
woo~ FINNALLY an update! O_o
nickey came back from california, and we have 3 weeks of updates for ya'll~ <3 we are over 1/2 way through chapter one~! yay~
... D:
computer problems? say it ain't so! summer is almost here! (well, it's already for me, bus some people are still in school) the free time and fun is here~ C: ah, your art is always amazeing, *wants to stab old man immencily for scareing nova :C*
amazeing, like ALWAYS~ <3
wooo~ 1st comment? XD