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being average is like being very suddenly submerged in freezing water;
when you've been there for a long enough time, you kind of get used to it

unless you die
thats reiner you weeaboo piece of shit
the problem with you stating that natasha "cant take criticism" is that the criticism in this instance was completely unfounded. the "criticism" was a microaggression against trans individuals, and not much more
i have seen natasha take to heart much harsher criticism concerning issues in the comic that arent just the product of a nitpicky cisgender person saying that there are too many trans people at once, and work to improve their comic in the ways suggested...and if you noticed, natasha did agree that the pacing/foreshadowing on this could have been handled better. that was the only legitimate criticism avery dealt, and natasha cosigned it. the rest of avery's "criticism" was transphobic and honestly did not even warrant the most cursory of acknowledgement
if anything you should be putting to task the person who cried about being offended by a TRANS PERSON calling them out FOR TRANSPHOBIA for not being able to "handle criticism," christ
zenais my little princess
i'm going to die
it's just you
begs old fart from the bottom of my heart not to be one of Those People who ACTUALLY GET UPSET OVER SOMEONE'S PUNCTUATION
touches your old face
it's the internet and the point of the comic is still successfully brought across whether there are apostrophes or not

ok thats been said now
the whole dynamic between kyle and nathan breaks my heart
i want to ship it so bad but it hurts to ship because its so out of character. at least for kyle. baby. escaflowne baby. just kiss him once for mama.
i dont know why but vinny REALLY reminds me of hank hill in that second panel
"i'm dating your ex-wife, i tell you what"
in other news i really hope this gets resolved in a way that does not lead to reese's pride or friendship with vinny being injured
megan is such a bitch good god this is the cruelest im :')
oh my god its my babies im fgonna have a heart attack at my babies finally being sweet to each other im literally going to combust
jordan this is how everyone else feels when harrison picks you up like a princess and you start macking in front of everyone ok this is how they feel
the cd covers ogfm im die
xavier and kristin obviously have the best taste in music
suddenly a pang of respect for evan
at least at this point he realizes some of what he did wrong, that's good, it's very good

im not worried about amery and rory's relationship, it's pretty obvious that the amery/evan thing isn't gonna go any further than this
i think amery just needed to get it out of his system
i think amery and rory will be fine uwu
i think rory would be expecting something like this to happen because i imagine he and amery are close enough now that amery has at least touched upon his issues with evan in the past (and the feelings he still has for him)
plus i think rory is in full knowledge of this meeting with evan or whatever right? and in talking with amery about His Evan Thing i think rory would be able to glean not only the fact that evan is really awful and DOES SHIT LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME YO, but also that its likely to
plus yknow i mean from my point of view, rory doesn't seem like he's the type to get all devastated and weepy at something like this, espcially because it's amery and he knows how amery is
rory just doesnt strike me as that type of dude?? he seems a little more stable, a little more understanding than that
i mean the dude probably dreams about basking through a swimming pool of gore, do you really think hes a sensitive princess

also kiwi HEY MAN!! HOW U DOIN evan manipulated ezra into an entire relationship
at least a physical one
evan tried to get ezra emotionally attached to him through sex because evan was in love with him, but it ended up...not working, obviously, because ezra realized what he was up to and walked out
thats the short version i guess

also shit - take into consideration JUST who's on the supposed emotional "rebound" here. it sure as hell aint amery yo
did you really look at amery in these past couple pages and go "man
he's got a steady boyfriend-equivalent, they're doing really well, and barring the fact that rory is probably completely aware of the fact that amery has a lot of history with evan and that hatesex may indeed arise from this confrontation, that amery is going to PURPOSEFULLY diddle evan just to satisfy--" what? spite? i dont even know, damn, man, if you think this is amery's fault, and if you think rory's the type of dude to a) NOT know amery well enough to know that this would probably happen (as i imagine amery has talked extensively about evan to rory) and b) be all broken-up about it wheN HE KNEW IT WAS PROBABLY GONNA HAPPEN BECAUSE HE KNOWS EVAN IS A HUGE DONG, i think you might wanna check yourself, gurl
no thats the opposite of the thing that is going to happen
thats the opposite
amery no baby dont
just let evan think through his sins ok invite rory along to burritos im sure you have a lot of pictures of intestines to share with him
leave evan to his own devices
for once
yo cattenlent, ezra isn't being unfair. if anything, evan's the one who's been being unfair. the only way their "relationship" could have ever worked was through evan's deep, deep psychological manipulation of ezra. it was never ezra's choice to be in this relationship, he never wanted to be evan's boyfriend, he even stated himself that he had no idea what the fuck was goin on, man, he may not be 13 but he sure as hell got bullied. he got bullied into a sexual relationship with someone who completely and utterly used him, and that's fucking heartless.
evan is the only catalyst in this situation and ezra is only doing what he should have done MONTHS ago, but my sweet baby was just a little too dim to realize he was being used so thoroughly. ANYONE would be. evan is totally conniving and he's obviously VERY, VERY good at manipulating people if he has even the FANS on his side

also i don't personally think he's gonna try to fuck up amery and rory's budding relationship. after he gets done being a mopey sad-sack for getting what he deserved he's probably just gonna lock onto somebody else, andi ddddon't think it's gonna be amery. that's just the way he functions - and besides, i like to think the little weasel'll learn from this particular situation and grow as a person instead of trying to sabotage the relationships of others. that's honestly all i can hope for him.

sorry, rant over u_u
oh no no no dudes evan COMPLETELY deserved that
he totally 100% manipulated (previously) straight-identifying ezra into a physical and one-sided romantic relationship that ezra wanted nothing to do with in the first place
there was no reciprocation whatsoever besides the sharing of mutual bodily fluids
if you look at it from a psychological standpoint it was essentially rape (though it was purportedly consensual remember that 75% of the time evan and ezra were shown diddling in the comic ezra had no idea what was going on)

evan's sweet innocent little "oh golly gee we sure do love each other huh" personality is a complete facade. he is selfish, manipulative, and downright fucking vicious and he elicits no sympathy from me
i could go on about how much i intensely dislike evan and everything he stands for but i feel like it might be redundant

ezra get away from him before he literally sucks out your soul, i believe in you, you can do it
i like the direct contrast between tweety's choice to shop in the children's section for his underwear
and the thoughts he is choosing to let pass through his brain
you barely count as an adult, tweety
im gonna hop on the bandwagon and just yell about rube for a minute
i cant stop laughing at his little face good god bless jermaine and his dogson