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Soviet Wolf
Hi my names Eric all tho i prefer to be called Ren my friends got me into drawing comics an that's my reason for being here and also i wanna get better at art since in truth i'm not that good

My Favorite Mangas are Loveless, .Hack//XXXX, Nightschool
My Favorite Animes are Loveless, Spice And Wolf, Kekkaishi, AirGear
My Favorite Books are .Hack//G.U., Spice And Wolf
My Favorite Foods are Ramen and Pockey
My Favorite Drink is Ramune

I would also like to thank all my friends and my partner for being there for me when i needed and supporting me when i was down i thank you so much everyone.
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LOL i love it XDDD
A Friend From The Cafe
Hi there thankyou for sending me a link to your comic ^_^ it looks good ^_^