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Go Edgar! You rock!
November 28th, 2012
That is one beautiful house... great job drawing it.
I think he may be causing the fall... revenge for getting pecked?
That face is so adorable!

We went through something similar with our dog last march. He was really old, and had a tumor on his head. We went to have it removed, and the doc got in there and we discovered it'd eaten away over half of his lower jaw. We ended up putting him down, because the cancer had already infected his bones. It was still sad

We just got a new puppy two weeks ago though! It's fun when they are still young enough to play and bounce around. Our last dog really was old.
Well... they certainly aren't shy about where they go about their act of procreating...
Hmmm... well, perhaps this is what gives him his huge pair of arrogant balls, because he's been missing them up until now.
Well, at least zeus understands who Gia is. It would be silly of him if she was like "I am Gia." and he was like "Who?"
Knowing Zeus later in life, it's probably the girls locker room...

Beautiful page.
I can see why it took you so long?

How come all the dragons surrounding the king are white? Chain certainly stands out.
Haku really needs so brighter clothes to match his hair.

Then again, that may make him look like some sort of hippy.
I know you hate the outfits, but I seriously love them! If you ask me, it's worth the extra effort, but then again, I'm not putting in any of the effort
What is Gengi doing in the second panel?

And I know you hate drawing his outfit, but I think it's COOL, and I want one of my own.
Uh oh, that's going to help their fighting ability a whole lot... now they are going to worry about Kleio instead of their opponent.

Great job kiddo, great job...

P.S. Kleio: You are on a ship. Unless you have fish like abilities, there IS no escape anywhere.
February 17th, 2012
Good luck Hades, you are going to need it if you are going to get that boy!

He looks like Vash the Stampede before he messed his windblown hair.
February 17th, 2012
Good grief, a bit forward much? She's pretty much raping the poor guy. Alright, he hasn't said no... but I don't think he's had time to catch up to what's going on either, and he certainly didn't consent. Back off kitty! *says the guard who just entered through the window?*
I guess Haku is starting to get the big picture now, poor guy. Guess the dragons are more aggressive race than he's used too after living in Elryone
I'm assuming by "i was sorta hoping" that she didn't get married? Bummer. Sounds like trouble on the horizon. Maybe she died?
YaY! Another book! I look forward to it!
I think I'm almost as surprised by this page as Haka... Almost.

Wow chain, get around don't cha XD
Looks like someone stayed up too late! Better get away from the window buddy, or you won't be feeling so good.