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I am a Christian, a novelist, a daughter, a sister, a nanny, a pet sitter, a Evangelist, and I am me. ~^_^~

I like to read, write, anime, manga, movies, dinner, pool, swimming, bowling, game parties, dinner parties, bbq's and more
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    Amy Jane
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let me tell you
"Now that I've put every thing away, and had a chance to rest, let me tell you a little more about me and what I do. I know you'll be interested, ;p "
what a joke...
"A few light errands, what a joke... I only wish it were but a few! When ever I have get a day off, and go out for one thing - I always remember other things I have to do and get too. By the end of the day I am wiped out. As you can see in the snapshot above. I am sure others sometimes have days like this! Right?"
This was a Winning Banner in a Banner Contest we Had for our main site on Bravnet, To be linked one-day...
Great Story!
I am really enjoying your comic but I have found some small grammar errors. It does not bother me but I want to help you so I decided to let you know when I see one. I don't know if you can edit or not.. And I am not trying to be rude, just helpful. Like I said I really like your story.

anyways, "Don't Made Up Stories About Him!" should be "Don't *Make up stories about him!"

And "It's in YouTube!" should be "Its on Youtube" ? maybe.. I guess it could go either way, I never though about it..
Here is the cover image to the fan fic still in progress that we are doing "Oregon Trail" Basically about us with random some characters from several anime's.. Which we played a Game with and based a fic around..

WE DO NOT OWN THE MEN Just A & J Chan!! Imagination activated!!
J-Chan: A Birthday Gift for A-Chan ^-^ Do you like it too?
A & J Chan: Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!
A-Chan: Hello and Welcome to our newest episode..!!

This is the first page to several to come. As you can tell we decided to do it all in computer graphics and this time in color.. This was started in 2005 and was almost done when J-Chan's computer crashed. She has to now redo them.. I think you will be in for a treat..!!!

J-Chan: :cries:

A-Chan: (poor girl) :hug:
As a result, she had to start over leaving this one page in my hands.. :Evil Grin:
The Characters we will interview are from Trigun, who exactly you will have to see for yourself latter. (Please encourage her

Also, she didn't want me to post this till the last few pages are done,
but I don't want to wait any longer.. Gomen J-Chan..!!! I just couldn't resist..!!

J-Chan: The Art is by J-Chan Ideas and context is by A-Chan and J-Chan :cries again:

~A&J Chan~
A-Chan: Just so you know this is how Kenshin got the poster: Kenshin was on the search for Hikko he did some research and learned that Hiko was a cape model and Kinshin's infromant him the poster, and told Kenshin that Hiko is a potter now..

J-Chan: Here's the last page... ^.^

Our disclaimer:
The Hall of Bish does not own any part of Kenshin or any of his little friends, acquaintances, enemies etc. etc.

We just rent...for free ^.^

Inner J-Chan: If you call using up your saved anime money to buy dvd's �free" -.-

A-Chan: This concludes our Fan Manga Interview with a Rounie, Thank you for reading please give us feed back in the tag board, messgae board, or guest book..!

If you like please read the fan fic, it has a bit more details then the fan-manga. Here is the link to The Fan Fiction: [link]
J-Chan: These three comics are different from the first ones in that (refer to notes page 4), not only were they scanned, they were cleaned up in Open Canvas. ^.^ Plus I did the dialogue differently...I think they're better than about you?
A & JChan: Hello Again..!

A-Chan: We started experimenting with different styles and tools from here on, till the end..

Unfortunately it did not turn out the way we had hoped, as you will see in the next few pages. ..

J-Chan: :tentatively peeps out: Anou....^.^; I know, I certainly took my sweet time doing this...but it's done! See? (Does anyone even remember the plot?)

Possible excuses I can use:
1. My room was moved around and certain key papers for the comic were lost.
2. Computer troubles.
3. Trouble putting inspiration down technical skill.
4. Other projects that needed to be done.
5. ...I'm a procrastinator?? ^.^
J-Chan: Now who is the Host??? ^_^;;
J-Chan: Now who is the Host??? ^_^;;
A-Chan: On random we will usually have guests in the fan manga. Some who won THOB contests and some just because..

On this page we introduce our friend and Co-founder P-Chan. She is the one with dark hair and glasses.. Isn�t she pretty..!!

(Our Characters do resemble ourselves in one way or another)
Hello Friends!
Hello Friends..!

This is the first page to our first fan manga done in 2003.. This is a fan manga made for the fangirl by fangirls. ^.~ It's basically about a group of girls who "invite" their favorite bishounen (and sometimes bishoujo) to come for a visit.

It is our first and Original work for "The Hall Of Bish"

Our First guest: Kenshin Himura :A Visit from a Rurouni

So please bare with the old Graphics.. I hope you enjoy, Let us know what you think by signing our guest book or tag board in our journal..
Make sure you put your cursor on the images to see what the ladies have to say. Just for the first few till we get the story rolling..
Here is a Quick Sketch of Some characters to come, *giggles*
Opening Page
We had something else planed but Trixie was set on opening the comic to everyone, she wanted to share her love with you all.. So we decided to let her. We hope you enjoy your stay and come back for more.. The best thing to do is subscribe your e-mail so you know when we update.. Thanks you again for vising and sharing your time with us.
~The Novel Life staff.
I Love your Comic
I adore your art style, the story is great, though the grammar was a little confusing on some pages. I really like it and I am so glad I ran across your comic. I can not wait to read more I am so hooked!! <3

Ps. I love the webpage layout
Heheehe TO CUTE!!! Love the humor!