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I'm no longer active on smackjeeves.

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January 24th, 2011
I love how nonchalant she is about being in Hell.
One day you need to continue this.
Right on. We finally know where the name of the comic comes from. :D
Hell yeah! Another update!
Hmm. I wonder what Hades did to make Zeus hate him so much later on? :(
Hmm, I'm thinking Thanatos. I remember reading something that said in later greek mythology he was depicted as a boy with wings akin to cupid. If that's so then the question is how did he lose them. Hmmmm *strokes imaginary beard*
I completely agree. Never really been a yaoi fangirl myself. Don't really have any gripes against it, but I will say when i first joined the site and started uploading comics i had NO idea that 90% of the population was indeed of the rabid teen yaoi fangirl persuasion. I think it's sort of become a weird fad, I mean every other fucking comic is horribly drawn boy love. I've discovered a few decently written and nicely drawn comics on here, but its like wading through raw sewage in search of a lost earring or something lol.
This is cute so far. That game is awesome.
And Update!
I has a happy!
This is great so far! :D
You a pineapple?! I thought you were a sponge! You... lied to me... D:>
The creepy librarian is the best. XD