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Yay, new page!

Best wishes for Halloween :)
the grammar is a little off I think in the big picture:

"If I couldn't understand...
...Then I don't know how could I..."

should be
"I don't understand...
...So I don't know how can I..."

But that's only my opinion :) Ask someone, who has english as native language :) Mine is hungarian :)
Geez, I just wanted to go out to the kitchen and eat my yogurt. You stole my idea! :D
I totally don't know the story, but I assume Bob will somehow find the crumpled paper :D Can't wait to see Emi's face when that happens and she gets confronted :D
Check and look at the bottom of the page. That's the only stuff I found about the adult question.
Can't wait :)
Well, charcoal and shyness don't mix :D
hmmm... a possible simple text:
"put up with it and start working, if you don't want to get a negative mark".

Maybe she's getting annoyed, and the teacher notices, then the following could be better:
"stop sulking and start working, if..."
"get off your high horse, if..."
...get off your backside...

But it's still not really understandable. Can you please describe, what you wanted to write? Maybe something like "get off from your ivory tower"? Is she lazy, or feels like a princess?