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If you've come to this page at all, it's probably because you're wondering about our usage of the first-person plural.
No, we're not royalty.
No, we're not insane either. All three of us are perfectly sane, thank you. Head doctors might disagree, but they don't get a vote.
Beside that, we don't actually fit the usual definition of MPD/DID. We're all permanently co-conscious, but Tyris, that's me, is the only one who can "drive," while Cortle and Stent remain "inside."

If there was something else you were wondering, by all means ask it.
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Well, it was fun while it lasted.
"Dun dun DUN!" just doesn't feel like enough here. Not even "Dun dun DUN! Da da dun da da duuun!" Maybe an Inception horn?
Silly Rei... just because Haruhi and Hinori share a body doesn't make either of them any less real.
Well, good luck with that, Rei.
September 1st, 2012
Never ask an insane person a logical question.
@Neko Hime: They might have been putting on a show for your benefit. If the headmates are co-conscious, they don't necessarily even need a mirror, let alone to talk out loud.

That said, different systems operate different ways. It's entirely possible that you saw exactly what you think you saw.
Reminiscent of Russia and the missing Romanov heir...
August 6th, 2011
Curses! Ran out of archives!
June 5th, 2011
Two questions, one which is an attempt to be helpful but is potentially insulting, please don't take it that way
- Is Johnson's XV built around a suit of Tterminator armour or just modelled on one?

- Would you like a proofreader to help the strip flow better in English?