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Name: Bleep
Feather Color: Blue
Head Feather Style: Mohawk
Plumage Brown
Accessory: Punk style
Beak Style: Duck
Eye Color: Purple
I'll go Boop because I'm curious
>Block the ground to prevent damage
>Check multidimensional tail pouch
> Cracks under the pressure and checks his inventory internally cursing the organics and the fact that there poor memory is infecting him.
"No real harm in a little shopping I guess."
Awww... knight man is gonna get his ass kicked, he was always my favorite robot master. oh well sure to be a good match.
Something tells me they're not going to stick to the one at a time rule, still with Pokemon x/y's horde battles everyone will probably have to deal with that.
Ronin the Samurai
>"Sounds like a good plan, though before we do we'll need to join up with Sig and bring him up to speed."
Ronin the Samurai
>"We have a location to start in, something tells me that will be enough."
Ronin the Samurai
> "Probably best to take on the one with leads. Once we take on the princess we need a viable course for taking her in with out killing, I doubt she'd be in a surrendering frame of mind. We'll have to find some saps or sleep darts or something."
Ronin the Samurai
>Looking over the options pass a comment. "A Princess gone rogue? I wounder if that quest will also include rescuing a Dragon in distress." Said even more deadpan than usual for a synthsized voice.
Ronin the Samurai
(Score one for the will save)
>Ask bar maid about any rumors or leads on adventure type stuff. "Er... Hi, would you happen to know of any rumors or stories of adventurer type work?"
Ronin the Samurai
>Wounder if checking inventory is contiguous like a laugh or yawn and resist temptation to check my own.
Ronin the Samurai
>Enter Bar and consider, due to being a robot, whether anything the bar serves will not simple break his electronics.
Ronin the Samurai
>Proceed to around the surrounding to locate the closest as well as what other places are near by.
Ronin the Samurai
>Suggest that conventions dictate that the closest tavern will likely be a source of adventure. Beep boop.
Name: Ronin
Appearance: Ronin is a robot in blue metal with black arms legs, stomach and neck, his face is a shiny black visor with 5 light blue lights in two rows.
He wears a blue and white kimono and some times a straw sun hat. His clothing gives the impression of a wandering samurai, or at least some one trying way to hard to be one.
Gender: His programming is oddly male for some reason.
Race: Robot, Mark 6 guardian class nanny bot to be presise though he is obviously modified.
Class: Samurai
Weapon/Starting spell: Phase Katana (Basically a Katana with a glowing edge.)

Health: 6
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 6
Magical: 3
Speed: 5
Defense: 6
Charisma: 3
@Light/Pokemon the hedgehog: Does this mean he needs to find a fembot called rhythm to be less depressing?
Throw him in, feed him to the wolves, whop!
Obvious joke is obvious but no less awesome for the use.