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Mr Xvious
A graduate from university with a 1st in animation and illustration.
I doodle doodle doodle. Sketchy stuff is my kind of style :D

Likes: Good spelling, Good art, Good writing, hats, tea, chocolate, snow, girls in long stripy socks.
Dislikes: Grumpy Lumps, people who spell badly on purpose, people with better beards.
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Hi all!

I hope you are all ok!
If any of you are interested, I had a little go at making a video explaining how I draw!
And in particular it is Alice I am drawing!.

Click the link to have a look, and leave me a comment, I'd love to know what you all think!
Hi all!

It's been a very long time since a page update.
I must admit I have only just started re-working on the comic.
I thought you might like to see the character sketches I have been doing for Alice.

I'm thinking of going with this look (but with the fully blocked in hair)

Let me know what you think.

Also, if you guys want to keep up with what I am doing, then follow me over on twitter:
@xox1melly1xox: Hey! I'm glad you like it. I'll hopefully make something decent out of this eventually!

The font I was using is called Alex Bold.
You can get it here:
It's free for personal use only.
Hey all,

Just a little update for you all!

So I have been very busy setting up my life to professionally work on illustration and animation.
Which has meant I have had very little time for drawing my comic and thinking of the revamp.

It is on my list! Don't worry, and the aim is still to have a proper hard copy made of the story so you all can actually get something decent.

If you guys would like to keep up to date with the stuff I am doing, then please follow me on twitter.

Also, do please check out my website:
for all my proper work and updates on comics and the such.

Thank you all for following Socks Mittens and Scarfs, I owe you all for the confidence I got to allow me to proceed in this area!!!
Hey all!

I'm glad you liked the previous re-draw sample page.
I thought I would give another page a go, and see how you thought about this!
This page is from Chapter 3, and it was during a brief time when I for some reason couldn't draw it on the PC, so did it by hand.
Slightly more mature content, but nothing to see.

Let me know what you think!
@pretty jodye flacko: I'm glad you like it! I would be looking to re-draw for sale purposes, so realistically, it would be a while before the comic came back, and then it would be for sale... but the quality of the story and the art would be much much higher!
@butter-bane: I am really tempted to!
If I do, I would do it for publication... either self publish or try and find a publisher to pick it up. If I did a self publishing I would try and sell it at either conventions or on my website
@MediocreArts: aww thank you! I'm glad you like the new look. The original comic was a sketch comic, but the more I did it I wanted to make it look good. It really helped my find my current style!
Hi All
Hey all!

I've just done a re-draw of one of the earlier pages in Chapter 1.
This is roughly what the comic might look like if it were fully re-drawn.
What do people think?
@johryn13: I'm glad you like it!
It's having people read it and find it inspiring which has actually given myself the confidence to keep writing it (and it actually helped me get out of a very dark place as well)
I'll probably keep this up for a bit longer... it's not too far away from the end of the story anyway, so it would be good to finish it first I think.
@gatsbythegerbil: Well a comic wouldn't be any time soon... so you wouldn't need to worry about finding a load of cash! :D

I think I may just carry on with it... I always intended to use this as a rough story outline, then refine it to make a proper story for publication.... maybe I should do that, I wouldn't want to make it so you guys couldn't read it after all!
@johryn13: I think it's because in hetro sex it's very much; penis enters vagina.
All other things, which often is considered sex for homosexual based intercourse is not considered sex in hetrosexual intercourse.
The other things is, everyone seems to have a different idea what counts as a loss of virginity or just "sex" when it comes to Lesbians. Less so for gay males.

Gay male sex was very poorly covered in sex ed here. It was recognised as happening, but at no time did they really actually explain how one does it.
Lesbian sex just didn't even feature, though at the time I may just have ignored it, being male.

Sex education should cover how to actually have sex, and not just the basics or "do this and don't get an STI"... even for Hetrosexual couples, the actual know-how of what you are doing is pathetic!
@reidcl999: True, but you guys have to read it, so I may as well do something that pleases everyone!

Especially if I want to sell it `u`
@pretty jodye flacko: Alice's new love interest maybe?
Sorry for the inactivity
If you guys have any suggestions, fire away below!
@Neptunian Princess: I'm so happy you like the eyes! I've been wanting to draw them with eyes for ages, but I just couldn't seem to get it down. Of course, as I draw more of it, it will look more natural.
And all lovers have arguments... it's the arguments context you have to be careful about :O

@NumberSix: I've seen it done before... I must admit I'm not a fan of it... it could work if it spanned a certain era though... like through the 50s 60s and 70s... like matching the art styles of those eras...
Hi all!

Sorry for the delay in upload.
I've been playing around with my drawing style a little bit. I'm keen to use this comic as 1: good practice. 2: working out what style suits this comic best.
I intend to re-draw the entire comic when I am done, tidy up the story and then hopefully release a published version of it!

So that leads me onto: Eyes.... with colour... do you like? Crit it!

I have also been pretty ill recently... fortunately not too bad with symptoms, but it's left me very tired after work. So I have been sleeping rather than working on this. Also my better half got very very ill, and I have been taking care of her.
I am better now, so hopefully this will pick up again.
I'm really looking forward to moving it on a bit now! and I can't wait to actually finish it so I can work on it properly in a way I am 100% happy with!
@Author Jakes: Haha I know what you mean, I always check my other half isn't around to draw these, not that they would mind. Something is slightly embarrassing about it though!

I'm glad you like the level of sex, I didn't want it to dominate the comic, but sex does happen in relationships, especially when the characters age to an adult level... so it leave it out would have been weird. I'm probably going to keep it the same!

@Marion-999: I'm so happy you like the design change! When I started the comic I had lost myself a little... I was working a job I hated in long hours and lived too far away to have a social life... so I stopped drawing and got very depressed. This comic actually helped pick me up a lot! but you can see the drawing style suffered A LOT at first. I've only just found myself in the last couple of months and am finally happy with a set style. Though the challenge now is adapting what is sort of an established look into the new style!
I really want to re-draw the comic when I am finished and first fix many minor things I would change in the story, and fix the drawing style!

I'm glad you like the sex level in this. I really didn't want to idealise sex to be more than what it actually is. Sex is something people crave and do regularly, especially in the situations Alice is in... but it isn't like people fantasise it is. Nothing annoys me more than unrealistic sex scenes (mostly seen in BL stories... no lube and "pain becoming pleasure"... seriously who writes this!?) I'm going to keep the sex the same... as far as I see I tagged the comic as 16+ and you never see genitals... boobs though :P so it doesn't need a mature tag.

@Neptunian Princess: Glad you like it! And yeah, later in the comic there will be a bit more to the sex scenes... but nothing too graphic... just a bit of build up rather than just BAM SEX panel there is now!
@pretty jodye flacko: Only in the north really. We've had the odd flake or so, but tonight is the first night it#s actually settled!

@Nasumi-Ail: Tis ok. I haven't worked out how to respond to the comments on my phone yet either... which is how I view most of the comments I get from you! D:
@Almightyra: heh tell me about it. I have long since given up trying to control my hair!