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I read a lot of smut, eat a lot of food, and occasionally knit and/or kick some ass.
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Those freckles are really adorable. Also: immediate ship.
I'm thinking it's Draco.
Technician a douche bag.
"Kieran, I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you?"

You must suck the demon out.

Through his penis.

October 4th, 2011
*is floored*
Totally thought "Maddy" was a chick. THIS IS AWESOME.
I come for the fanservice- I stay for the plot development. moarpls?
Awesome Page
The pokeball shirt's pretty win.
Go for it
IT seems like something that he's kind of gotten over, but it could be some sort of a plot aid and I could totally see it happening. Basically, I'm good with either, but probably a little more "Go for it" than "don't you dare."
I like how Snow is enjoying his punishment so... obviously. ;)
December 31st, 2010
there are no words


Tommy's smile's sooooo big!!! It makes me very happy. Like Dake's fuzz. Which is, surprisingly, quite full of teh sex.
Your mountains turned out really well.
Even passing out can't make me forget Dake's complete badassery. He just fucked up a centuries-old demon. Ass-whooping ftw.
November 30th, 2010
And he says:
"Hi. I'm Daisuke. I'm majoring in English and I have blue eyes even though I'm asian. I'm looking for love, and you have nice legs, so let's do it!"
Dake is SUCH A BADASS!!!!
I want to be Haru's Mom when I grow up.
Greatest apron ever. I love Haru's mom.