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hi!my name is amy brook!i sign in at ymail,gmail,youtube,and smack jeev!and i'm 18 yrs old!at first i didn't know how to do my ,when i was born so i type in the wrong was 2001.I WASN"T BORN IN THERE YOU HEARD ME GUYS?!?!so i ask my mother where i was born in.1991.EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!uh the next thing is i made comics but the scanner didn't work at all so i gotta buy ink for that.thanks for reading this guys!!!!!!!!!!soon i buy that INK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OH!i feel so much better!i got better on apirl 19!now,I'M NOT SICK ANYMORE!!!!^^ omg!what an beautiful page!
cough!cough!cough!i'm sick today!o-o wahhhhh!ooh!a new comic!COUGH!!!!!O-O

P.S,I'D stay home today cough!yours truly,thekittenparty to:haku10,aww!those two are huggies!cough!o-o
ohh..i get it!thaks for asking me!
who is he???ithink he have an present for lsawa.
aww!they sitting together!^^
i hope a new comic comes!!!!!!!!!^u^
i love this picture!
i'm going to add this to favorites!!!
i think she got scared when he opened the door.
sweet page!
so sad.I'M SO SORRY!!!I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!I'M TIRED OF STUPID PEOPLE TEASING ME ON YOUTUBE!!!i wish i wasn't a theif.i try to make my friends love on theis comic.but they loved it on,haku10,im' sorry that i did that to you but,.....SNIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
i love this picture!^-^
WOW!I LOVE THIS COMIC MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^-^