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Hello there. My name's James and I'm a stage actor/comic book artist and writer.
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    James Barker
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@Amy: Oh, most definitely, my friend :)
Here we go! Second page where shit is actually happening. Also, welcome to my comic! It's certainly been quite awhile since I've made anything, so it feels good to finally post some new content.

Hope you enjoy, and there will be more to come!
I'm testing yo
School Project
Amy here, I had a poster for school, so i decided to make it on this
This Is It
After a lengthy hiatus, it's back again. And we're reaching the end of the first issue! Hooray!
Duct Tape: It Solves Problems
Even a masked, delusional serial killer needs to keep his priorities in check.
Saint Career's Resident Vigilante
And here we have the man of the hour. So far, I'm pretty happy with how the following pages are turning out with the darkness of the Slasher's basement and the blood sprinkled about here and there. It just gives off a nice gritty feel. And this marks the first day of an attempted schedule I'm hoping to keep to with updates on Wednesdays.
I'm never trying to draw straight lines without a ruler again
Thank You Very Much
Thanks, Max. It means a lot to me that you and all these others are checking out the site. It makes all of this worthwhile :)
Omg lol
This is so cute!
-Amy (the only female with access to this account)
Filler Again
Its to give you the illusion of time passing between these comics
Its also the complete picture from the banner
Page 6
This is pg 6
Page 5
scanner's on the fritz
The sign says "pull", honky!
THE NEED FOR SPEED does a guy get his eyelid pierced without requiring a constant flow of visine, anyway?
FFFFF I knorite? I thought he was hot when james drew him, lol.
Page 2
I'm inking page 3 and 4 now! Also the Character Profiles are up.
The beginning
well, this is awesome, finally we have a comic launched!