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more GL/yuri/shoujo-ai please!
We're exactly half way through the first part! I will take a short break now to stock up on new pages. Next update: 5.03.19!
That's it for my first update here :) More to come next week!
Better the Devil You Know - Part One: Yonas.
February 19th, 2013
Oh my..

I'm loving your artwork *.* Can you be found somewhere around deviantart?
March 15th, 2012
nice, i like ulquiorra like this
February 20th, 2012
i enjoyed this chapter so much.
kubo should read it
February 17th, 2012
you sure know how to draw a dog :) awesome page
December 16th, 2011
i'm wishing for books on cosmology and for a bag full of anise flavored gummy bears ^^
Merry Christmas ! <3
October 6th, 2011
Hm I think Tristan wouldn't like what Kolya wanted to say..
September 15th, 2011 :o
August 30th, 2011
i love this page..the atmosphere is quite..cryptic xD
August 25th, 2011
Take your time!
Don't feel obliged to update no matter what, we'll wait :)
August 4th, 2011
you have my vote! go go hemlock!
everything about woman's body is great <3
June 30th, 2011
uhuuu, somebody's under a cloud, hmm?
June 24th, 2011
i somehow get the impression that he looks more.. messy now :)
i love this page <3
the dancers look awesome!
Hah, I dont have any so I can actually take him ! :D
I wanna take Richmond home <3
May 15th, 2011
Hey Skullbie~
I've been waiting for new comics from youuuu! Hope to see them soon!! <3