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I love all type of arts!
I enjoy reading, drawing, designing, and to hang out with my friends.

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Sorry for the lateness... It have been a month without posting a page ><!!
The coloring is pretty simple, but wish you enjoy it!~
D: I don't want to tone backgrounds again.
I drew some days ago, but didn't want to start toning it xD
Took me some hrs >.>
I color it with black marker~
The white dots, the grey tones and the titles were done in Manga Studio

The pant's design looks like a fox face xD
Thanks~ Now I'm thinking about the banner and the header xD
White Rabbit: Wait. That's not Alice!!!
Hahah I just wanted to post it ^^
It didn't turn out well in the background :(
Thanks! I know.. because I updated all the manga in just 5 days, so no one knows about it TT___TT
Well yes, that was the end xD

haha yeahh I thought of doing another chapter, with characters from another story of mine, 'cuz Ryan came from a third character from that story.
But that would include some supernatural genre, so no...
Thanks for reading!!! <3
If you don't get why she fought with him, well it is just that if they were to meet each other, it would have been in a fight, 'cuz they are both gangsters.
That girl at pannel 3 is the friend I drew this manga to ^^
not really, but seems like
ahha I left it until there just on purpose xD
Right to left
You are back!!!
In pool you need to get either all the spotted or all the colored ball. You just need to get in 7 balls, but if the game is even, then you need to get the 8 ball.
>.> I don't understand the game well, either...
Yeahhh.. That's why I like this typo of motocycles, you need to incline a lot! But I won't dare drive one.
And actually there can't be a second passenger.
Honda CBF600 F4i
Hmm long name for the motocycle xD ahaha but I like this brand race motos ^^!
The Gang
Yay cool gangster guys xD
Analytic Geometry
Some of those answers are not possible xD
A gift
This is a poster I did for my friend, just in case I didn't finish this manga I gave her as a birthday gift ^^

Media: gel pen, watercolors