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Hey, I'm Neroe. Whats up?

I've been on SJ since 07, but I've been spriting since i think it was 05 or 06. Forgot really.

I came from serebii first of all, got banned due to... circumstances... Then went to Zelda universe. In a bizzarre turn of events, I ended up here, on SJ.


Yeah, that's about all you need to know about me really.

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Today on "Neroe can't draw"
Neroe woke up to this...
I kicked out all of the authors who havn't updated in 5+ years.
You were one of them.
I offered you a chance to rejoin if you wanted to, you didn't reply to that, so get over it man.
is this man of steel
wait a second
if she can just grab popcorn by speaking of it...

why can't she just speak about the scarf and grab it from there?

unless the true scarf was the adventure and friends we made along the way
Cletus and his freshly popped out fetus
Tbh if i was about to fucking murder someone and I got teleported away, I'd be fucking pissed.
don't question why there was that much snow that fell from that avalanche.
Or do, i dont care. But im not going to answer you.
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: He was backing her up to corner her.
@jameswolf100: no problem man! just trying to help you out haha
I feel like I have no idea what im doing with this comic kek
Anyways thanks 4 reading if u ar reading :)
im panel 6 and 7
This was a bueaitful 3 pages i love you
hey do you mind if i give you just a little bit of creative advice? Not trying to be rude, just trying to help you out.

don't blur both the backgruond and the foreground as in panel number 2, it makes the entire thing look like we just need to get our eyes checked.

Sam with panel 3, the entire ground is blurred but not their feet, so it comes off a strange mix of blur and not blur.

other than that though its fine, just you really should work on your blurring a bit ;_;
top 10 reasons why hexec is dead (you'll never guess number 5!)