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Hey, I'm Neroe. Whats up?

I've been on SJ since 07, but I've been spriting since i think it was 05 or 06. Forgot really.

I came from serebii first of all, got banned due to... circumstances... Then went to Zelda universe. In a bizzarre turn of events, I ended up here, on SJ.


Yeah, that's about all you need to know about me really.
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@Shard: what AM i doing tho

@Starcast99: Don't expect a lot more lel

@Hero of Comedy: :)

@Capejedi: good
I'm going to be honest
I'm really bad at uploading comics on time im sorry this page has literally been made for like 3 years now lmao
I didnt update this
hit or miss
i guess you never miss huh
@Punchy: its time for a revengeance
this plot is a huge mess also all of the authors died again :(
lets perform a seance and bring them back
Anyone else ship ket with ket? O///O
I legit just noticed this was updating again and I love it
I mean to be fair

Ket is pretty OP lmao :shrug:
find a qt boyfriend
87 more pages until bar'd 500 get hype