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Hey, I'm Neroe. Whats up?

I've been on SJ since 07, but I've been spriting since i think it was 05 or 06. Forgot really.

I came from serebii first of all, got banned due to... circumstances... Then went to Zelda universe. In a bizzarre turn of events, I ended up here, on SJ.


Yeah, that's about all you need to know about me really.
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87 more pages until bar'd 500 get hype
Niv made this pagelike a year ago kek

ok hang ont his is a restart to the highschool plot its better now
tfw no ket gf
@Starcast99: Yeah, with university and work it's just been a bit rough to make pages the past while in all honesty, so we're on a hiatus right now. We'll probably return to it eventually though!
@Dregan: Claud x Heart is best ship

also thats all the pages i have
@Zackepic22: Your messages legit make no sense?
What fusions? I have no idea what you are talking about.

What was a lifestyle choice? Fusioning? Fusioning with who? Where? What? Are you coming out of the closet?

Your messages as so cryptic please reword them thank you
Ye girl, I'll probably request a re-review closer to the end of the comic.
But that just means you have to stick around until then fam
First of all, thank you for the review! Theres a few points I'd like to touch up on though, just to kind of defend myself and my choices.

Your complaint about the prologue is mainly my biggest issue with the review. There is more than one way to tell a story, and the way that I've chosen did not need to include his backstory as a prologue, because the entire story is about more than just Neroe's issues.

The eye complaint I don't really think is fair though in all honesty. Mainly because I haven't done eyes like that in years now, and those are only from earlier pages, so it's kind of a complaint that's already been addressed and fixed?

Overall, I honestly agree with a lot of the comments and complaints, so thanks for doing this review. Most of the stuff that you've said that I don't agree with however, isn't even your fault, it's just that the comic hasn't really reached a point where it was ready to be reviewed yet in all honesty. The plot is still developing, and contrary to what you do believe, it is planned out, it's just kind of a slow burn at the start. Characters are fleshed out in a chapter-by-chapter basis as well, as each chapter is character focused. Give it time, all of your complaints are already being addressed or have been already.

Thanks again for the review!