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Hey, I'm Neroe. Whats up?

I've been on SJ since 07, but I've been spriting since i think it was 05 or 06. Forgot really.

I came from serebii first of all, got banned due to... circumstances... Then went to Zelda universe. In a bizzarre turn of events, I ended up here, on SJ.


Yeah, that's about all you need to know about me really.

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@Shard: ;_; Because i can't remember if it's actually been stated anywhere
whats the little girls name again
Make more cumslut
beat her up children are the worst
@Shard: tbh part of the reason you're still listed as an author, and we want you to be here still, is basically just that you were part of the OG cast of saviors pretty much. I mean, again, we don't really care if you dont want to update, i mean heck, half of the authors dont do anything. It's not a big deal though.

If you really do want to leave, I'm not going to force you to stay lol. Just know that you're always welcome here! And if you do end up leaving and want to rejoin, again, you will always be welcome to do that!

I really dont want to force you to stay though lol. Just know that when I say "update saz" it is just me joking around, in reality i dont really care that people dont update.
@Shard: Never forget, you're here forever
@Smiffy SMF <3: jesus i take it back I FUCKING HATE YOU
Try not to hit on me
To be fair, I too freak out and attack people who speak French.
This is beautiful
thanks for starting the plot
she killed herself btw
@RoninHunt0987: he's lying to you dont believe his lies
@DarkScarz: The font is fine stop that.

Also What is Ket trying to do in the bottom ;_; Free her
@felicityfox: She'll appear in the background during the upcoming strip club scene

Hey guys just posting the end credits for the arc
I'm realyl bad for not actually giving credits so here they are