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A question; for low Patreon amounts, won't international shipping of stuff eat up all the monies? I'm really not paying you for the extra stuff (and the word patron freaks me out, maybe I have the wrong associations lol).

Comic-wise: I love world-building with mythology and religion and sex and emotion and complications upon these. I can tell this system and these people are well thought through, with both heart and head. For me at least, creating stories is how I process life and sort through the debris to figure out how I feel about things, and your story opens more doors in my head. I strive to open all doors; thank you for the help <3
this is so much <3<3<3, the pancakes killed me, it's like I have a Deadpool fetish for pancakes now. The weird thick smooth American ones. Anyway you draw so well! O.O I don't know why I'm surprised each time, but every time I look at something you've drawn I go "Hey that milk+assassin, she's pretty fucking awesome ain't she?" :D

Also I can't resist making the "boob size for penis size" parallel I got from some other gender-switch thing someone made long ago. Every time I see one I immediately think of that xD Oh Sunny... ^^'
@Notation: I just wondered if you'd recruited some innocent bystander to model. You've got very nice hands.
Is that your hand?

This is like the first time I have anything to complain about in this comic but, I just can't see him jump like that off Onyx, and land on his knee like that with those bags in his hands. Actually performed, it would look more stupid and awkward than cool. I don't want to tell you how to draw, but I just mean that sometimes you gotta think about the whole movement and not just cool panels? I sound like a douche. But I'm saying because you're awesome and awesome needs to be more awesome ^^
Poor bored guards. Someone needs to stage a robbery, clearly. With rubber bullets! I don't endorse lethal or near-lethal violence, or the risk thereof, against people in security or law enforcement professions. Everyone else is free game, mostly.

I once heard a guy on the train talking really loudly on his cellphone, saying something like "Yeah, but she didn't really weigh that much. There's no risk, we dumped the body in a ditch. No no, don't worry about the car." Everyone around were sort of glancing at each other questioningly :P
Yaaaay Vanilla update <3 So sexxxxy in that uniform :D Someone already said but yeah I feel like your art is improving. Soeet.
Something just struck me... you could queue up posts for a really long time right? And if you have many comments, there'll be general comments like "I love this page" or "Tommy is so cute", so you could queue up posts for soooo long pretending to respond once in a while to comments like that and... it would be like the thing with the cat in the box. The world would think you're alive when you're dead - so does that mean you're alive?

Although it's illogical, flying always makes me plan ahead just in case I'd die. So I don't do it that much. So far only to see JYJ in Berlin.

This comment makes so much sense. Woo.
I love that last panel, it's so pretty <3
Sorry, but... is Jet's hood going up and down of itself?

This complicates things... them being children, I mean, not the animated hood ^.~ Since he says "turn me back" I imagine that's their actual size... so tiny!
That's one... but if it keeps flying around in a circle like that when it's crowded, it will set more on fire. And then those will set more on fire. Clever! If that was your intention, and if it works, that is.

I always wanted that type of thing to be possible on pokemon. Set yourself on fire and then use tackle! Or Wrap your flying target to the ground to set up a Magnitude (or was that called Earthquake?).
September 26th, 2011
omg you almost scared me to death there with your "this is the last..." I should kill you for fooling me like that with such a mean thing, but then there's be no more updates, would it :P
I wasn't here to see the original font so maybe I should shut up BUT I NEVER DO, so... as your personal image advisor, I must say that this font isn't really you, Mosama. What I really mean to say, although i do it in unnecessary, fancy words, is that overkill is right :D
These last three pages blows me away, saying so infinitely much with rather little... and Hades' expressions X.X get that hand off of him Chronus, you psychotic giant dwarf!
My mom has that exact scar... and I used to massage her fingers all the time because they stiffened up. Be a good bf and massage his hand, Tommy!
Mom got it from falling over and landing on her hand, and it split across and bent backwards O.O I've never been squeamish, but when she told me over the phone I had a second where I thought I'd faint. I dunno why I'm telling you this. Seeing that hand brought back the traumatic experience xD
Missed you! No pressure, just love xD
I'm sure somebody already said this but you have 10 million comments and I'm in a hurry. I just wanted to point out to those who think George is a bad name for a girl, that the CLASSIC teen books Famous Five, has a tomboy George, who's actually a Georgina but hates the name (with all right). Clearly Holy, you have good, classic taste :)
Ah this is the style I always wanted to be able to draw...

Okay, done being jealous. Every time this comic updates I'm like a dog on a bone :) Keep it up!
PLEEEASE tell me that's Jesse and James! I was so utterly IN LOVE with James as a kid, it's amazingly embarrassing, but I was always so sad that they lost and I hated Ashe and Pikachu for thwarting their plans! :p
I play horror games in very very short bursts, like an hour a day, because my nerves break down. And it's not really fun because I freak out all the time, but I'm just too stubborn to say "it's too scary" and stop :P

Herz Lessons rock, but I'm starting to miss Vanilla :<