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my names august and im on smack jeeves I don't take krap from anybody. I'm always the co-author. I'm never the main author....BUT im okay wit that.
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That's me in school. Hahaha
Sweet Reasoning from such sweet tragedy.
Shino knows his Kaito
And so the story of Zeus begins.
Now that's what I callz straight to the point.
You don't know it right now but I'm sticking my middle finger up at you. Hey wait, now you do. Have a nice time being alone you whore. This is her. Leave her alone. Be mature and not comment if you don't think it's her.
I hate going through all this trouble to prove to idiots that this is her. Can't you just accept the fact that people like her are just better looking than you.I mean, esh, how stupid can you get. This is her.
THAT IS HER!!! STOP Roastin' on her. When we all read this you all sounded like freaking retards and arse holes. I should go through all my computer connections and find out where you live, Then, I can beat all your faces in. How low can you get. You are stupid for even commenting.
Even If it WASN'T her...I repeat....If it WASN'T her.. I could only understand since we don't have any proof...but, since it is you sound idiotic. NOW YOU CAN ALL GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!
OMG!!!!! This is my new favorite comic. I'm gonna explode from excitment.
I was just waiting for it to jump out at me. I kept saying.'I'm ready, I'm ready.' In the end I just ended up scaring myself with my overactive imagination. Perfectly drawn.
My, oh My.
AAAHHHHH, help i'm burning with curiousity. IS THAT A FLAME?
>_< no comment just this >_<
Wahahahahaha! You better believe it. This year is the rise of the beliebers and it starts with smackjeeves...then the rest of the world.Mwahahahas.
What is this? Who said you could have him?! You & Me. At school on the playground. Oh yeah, we can't do that because our school is too freaking broke to buy one.
Sure, you draw way better with your pencil. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Yay! Did you draw that polly2? If you didn't goodwork to whoever else did it. It's beautiful.
Wh-wh-what. I'm only thriteen
That's all she wanted to hear. Lol no smiley face.