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Just a Kingdom Hearts fan, that's all.

Although I created my account just to comment on my favorite webcomics. I do somehow be interested into making sprite comics of my own.

(If I had the right stuff)
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Relax, some of my comments maybe just a figure of speech. You can answer them if you wish.
Sora's revival?
Is it a brainwashed human or something else.....?

Hmm, Homunculus......
I downloaded Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. But I cant play it even when I extract the DS file from the freaking RAR file.

Oh right, it's pass march 20th already. SO UPDATE IT!!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it happen again that Saturday

Anyway, keep up the good work. :D
Call the clones "dulplicates" or "copies"(in other words,Xion)

I actually hate the word "clone". It's as if you're creating a Homunculus(artifical humans/beings)

Besides, the idea of cloning is something I don't want to look at.
Nobodies DO have souls!

Besides, why is Xemnas's "inside" looks creepy?
Pandora is really something
Donald and Goofy really needs some appearence
An alternate colouration of memory skyscraper.
You're using a different sora sprite, aren't you?
That 3 pillars of light, isn't that an attack used by roxas in his hooded dual wield form.
I don't know how to say this. But, will Sora ever return? I mean, He may had survived even when he was "killed" in front of his friends, ya?

P.S: Can make a character page?
Namine's Organization!!!!!!!!!
No wonder she's sinister looking. Still ....(to be continue on my next comment)
I'm also looking for a full sheet of kairi sprites
Phalanx is going to FIGHT Dustin! Can't wait to see his power and what element he use.

Hey, where's Shade?
Is this Pookie's last appearence.
Did I saw Namine in the crowd.