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I'm here cause Acoustic Made me. xP
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@Lazy-lil-ninja: Tommy was gonna say he can't cum lol. He used to be a prostitute so it made it difficult for him to. Even with Dake.
Haha saw that coming. Mostly cause I knew they had two kids.
I think I had a heart attack just now.
April 25th, 2012
I'm so sad even though I knew this was coming a long time ago. But at least he'll see his wife again right?
I would so buy it!
I'm loving this comic so much! I get to learn how to make a web comic and have fun learning too!! Yay!!
Wow. I forgot a bit of the story since it was so long ago! I went back to Ch 2 to recap and I was like "wow! art change there." I also forgot how much your art has developed over the years with the story. Any way glad your art block is gone! Those always suck.
I vote you make two endings. A sj ending where it's shounen ai. Then a y!gal ending thats not lol. And Niya could always give Snow CPR noticing the apple and if that doesn't work he gets angery and kicks him and the apple flies out lol.
Ya know, if you only look at the last two panels and Tommy's face it makes it even more funny looking lol. btw, does the mark burn him?
If you had shallow characters and bad plot I wouldn't have been reading this for so long! Truthfully you're the only comic I constantly check in on 24-7 for a just in case early update and always make sure I'm up to date on. And I have a lot of comics on my favs list. Don't let one person change your plot for YOUR story. If they don't like it, they don't have to read it. Write it the way YOU want it. I'll be here reading it no matter what happens. (and besides, trying to re-write the last half now after you already have after story short stories floating about is kinda weird dontcha think?) I say let the story be and only re-write if you think its absolutely necessary. Cause its almost like changing an answer on a test when you had it right the first time.
Yay for a balanced hippy breakfast!!! lol
awww....but we only got to see Samsol for 2 pages... :( And I think Tommy realized Dake was thinking about another guy lol
*gasps* OMG HE IS HERE FINALLY!!! YAY!!! I was so waiting for Samsol to enter!! lol this so made my day!
What? There's a smackjeeves server?! Cool!
OMG ITS A CREEPER!!!!! I didn't know you liked Minecraft!!!

*edit are you on multiplayer? If so, would you mind sharing your name on it?!
Why hello there Mr.Doctor~ Isn't your cameo a pleasant one hehe. And an lol to the "cow".
Wow...that was a mega long day!
And noo!! Jameson can't leave yet! Him and Tommy only just started to cause mayhem!
August 25th, 2010
lol and why was Jack sent to deliver the paper if he can only say hello? XD

And you're really can't explain the vote incentive >>;
Wow that is a big change. And is Jack really going to save them? Or just cause more trouble? >>;
June 27th, 2010
I find it extreamly funny how I'm in Mexico right now on vacation and only speak French and I get internet access and get another dose of Spanish in my life. Perfect timing.