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I'll put some weird 'who am I' riddle up later...
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OMG this modification to the story is so great!!! And I freaking love that note!
Someone get him Phoenix Wright!!!
LOVE THIS! So many boys in dresses! <3
I need those socks! O_O
And I don't know if you/anyone else knows this one, but Abney Park's "Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll" always got stuck in my head when I read The Nightingale.

And yes, no need to push yourself. <3 their parents have names...? O_o I never noticed...has the mom just been nameless this whole time and I never noticed!?
yay! I love their dad so much!!! He's so cute!!!
I agree with Demochalatte. I've been reading since Beau, and whereas most comics I've read for that long have fizzled out, this just keeps getting better. ^_^ (By the way, this comic actually inspired one of my friends to start drawing, and now she's on her way to graduating from an art academy!)
Glad I didn't read this one at school today! Awesome page though. ^_^
panel 1 kicks ass! XD
heh. bra. XP
lolz! Chinese shirt! XD
February 13th, 2012
I've actually been meaning to say how much I love the new art. I read webcomics to make my day a little happier, and the new art style with the more serious plot balances out to the same level of serios/happy as before. Plus, watching art change over time is one of my favorite things about reading comics. I feel sad if, after 3 years, the art of a comic hasn't changed. When the art changes, it makes the comic feel alive. <3

P.S. "GRAH DIE FUCKER" Is the best line anyone could ever write for that scene! I freakin' love this comic!
holy shit! yes yes yes!!! Would you maybe sign them too? pretty please?
I'd love to see the father, but do whatever you want. The more you want to write it, the more updates we get! Plus everything you write is freaking awesome!!! ^_^

...and I'm sorry to point it out, but shouldn't panel 5 be flipped? Niya's left hand is across his chest, implying that he slapped Snow normally with his left hand. But to hit Snow's left cheek, Niya either slapped Snow normally with his right hand, or backhanded with his left... right?
Snow white is coming on disney channel tomorrow (monday) night... I kinda feel the need to watch it after all this awesomeness... XD
First panel sent chills down my spine!!
August 25th, 2011
Ohhhhh! It's so pretty!!!!

And yeah, school for me too -3-
I think everyone knows the feeling of school getting in the way though. I just love to see it whenever you do find the time to draw pretty shota boys X3
the tentacle rape ending should be a vote incentive XD
I vote for cutting Snow- just enough to leave scars. It would keep the witch away and punish Snow all in one. Plus it forever marks Snow as Niya's: Who needs rings when they can have sexy sexy scars! XD

And I just came back from a week of no internet. These updates (here and Magical Boys) were the best surprise EVER! (well other than coming back to find out that my kitty doesn't have asthma after all, but really, what can top that?!)

@rawredy: She was fairest until snow, so it's implied that she will be back on top once he's gone.

@Ichigo: She is. Remember "You try looking this good after triplets"? God that's an awesome line

...I'm going to hell for this...
@lit-emo-rose: in da story, Snow white WAS ded. the apple killd her da same way datt the corset an comb did each atemptt killed her briefli. u can tekniklly cum back to life if its sun enough after u die. just like Niya da Mirror isn't a necrofliac, so ded ppl arent in da competishun for "fairest of them all. aLso, da way i herd snow Whit da aple WAS cursed more than it was poisund. Now white only had da apple pice in her mout an didn't swalow. Da Apple was just potint enuff to keep her deads while it sat in her muth, but her bodie magicly neber decomposedd. Shes saved when da goffik necrophilic prince takes her body away, an tips da glass cophin enough to make teh apple fall out ouf her moutth. the Prine then kils her, pretents she was ded da whole time,and rapes her nao decompseing corps. DA End...well ok, da last scentece was a li, but teh rest IS te vershun i now.
doesn't seem that exagerated to me. I remember 2 metapods in a row would have me out of (or nearly out of) PP.