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Heh am I one of those people who can't seem to write about themselves? I try to draw, not that good xD so I've given up on le comics, but i loooooove reading them =3
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is it wrong to say I want the nude model to be the new background of my computer
7 years
what does good student hell look like then
It's been such a long while @_@ I've missed so much lol xD Hope all is well.
Oh dear sweet baby jesus it's been two years already -fans self- lawrd have mercy. I love playing catch up with my bi-annual comicz reading. I love your art so much, it really inspires me @+@ looking forward to the next pages! Until next year.
all about dem butts
yaaaaaaaas just doing my bi-annual comicz reading! All the yaaaaaases!
is it bad that i actually want to see what he's going to do with those scissors
Nemo's gunna touch the butt o.o
I love all the facial expressions you do
I can't help but read, its too real.
omomo i thought he cut sai's hair for a second there >3<
so he actually left huh
and what pray tell, will our awkward little grown babies find in the frozens? tune in next time
Walrus has spoken
I can wait O_O

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things..."
That girl's a straight up hustler!
@pokesam: why you making my day so awhsum @_@?
Yes! Finally Deadbeats backstory. -waits with poppycorn in hand-
it's like mr.downbeat is so understanding @_@