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Queer comic artist and oncology nurse. My work focuses on LGBTQ and racial representation, particularly in historical fantasy settings.

Follow me on tumblr for comic updates, sketches and my other artwork:

Until the Last Dog Dies - Hiatus
Naufragium (2016, Complete, Debuting in Tabula Idem Anthology)
Well, That was Quick (2016, Complete, Debuting in Death Saves Anthology)
Starsend - Completed
A Place Like Home - Completed
girl&boy - Completed
Winterspell - Completed
The Dragon's Keep - Completed
Sing the Moon Down - Completed
Stolen - Completed
Fairy Comics - Hiatus (Two Shorts Complete)
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@IronDog: I'm a lowkey mug collector so I could not resist!
@IronDog: So glad that you enjoyed it!
Check out the Until the Last Dog Dies giveaway, if you haven't already:

I'm going to be on hiatus until sometime in November due to surgery, but in the meantime, please enjoy the cover for Lesson Four: Play Dead! I cannot wait to show you more about Cage's backstory and reveal some secrets about the remaining cast. I've rewritten it multiple times, but I think it will be well worth it! Thank you again for your patience!
As a thank you to everyone who has supported me and my webcomic, Until the Last Dog Dies, I will be holding a giveaway! You must be 18 or older to enter and must be following me in order to qualify. Each reblog on tumblr ( and on twitter ( will count as one entry.

I will choose winners on Sunday October 8!

First Place:

1. Personalized limited edition print of Ch. 1, including a sketch inside, copy 50 out of 50.

2. Signed copy Ch. 2 (I will not be reprinting this!)

3. Original comic page, Ch. 1, Pg. 2, when Cage first sees Dmitri

Second Place:

1. Signed second printing of Ch. 1

2. Signed copy Ch. 2 (I will not be reprinting this!)

Thanks again for your support and good luck!
@CarlitoChico3: Have you tried looking for online D&D groups? That's how I started playing, it's a lot easier to find than IRL groups!
@CarlitoChico3: Hey! I'm so glad <3 that's all I could ever ask for!
Happy 2nd Anniversary to Until the Last Dog Dies! Thank you all for your patience and continual support of me and this comic. It has honestly been such a joy to work on this comic and to see how much I've improved since I've started. I'm running a giveaway over on tumblr ( and on twitter ( that includes a limited edition copy of Ch. 1 with a sketch, Ch. 2 and an original comic page! I'll do a separate page for this tomorrow but until then, enjoy this anniversary pic!
That takes us to the end of Ch. 3! I hope you all enjoy that cliffhanger!

Thanks for your patience with those page uploads. I am going to be taking an official hiatus now to work on a couple of things. I'm going to finish up the script and thumbs for Ch. 4 and working on some personal art in the meantime!

The second anniversary of Until the Last Dog Dies falls on September 16, so I'm going to be preparing a give away for the limited edition copy of Ch. 1 (numbered with a sketch inside) as well as a copy of Ch. 2, plus an original page from the series. I will also scrounge up some old concept art for the characters. If you have any questions to throw my way about the world or the characters, please let me know for the anniversary so I can do some illos to go along with it!
Special thanks to @rienlen (twitter/tumblr) for his help on the last panel and helping me make it extra dramatic! If you haven't checked out his work, I highly suggest it! He's got some amazing queer characters and his artwork is full of dynamic energy and colors!
Apologies! I tried getting this multiple page upload finished on Wednesday but was getting over a cold, so instead of posting it late I thought it'd be better if I post it early morning Thursday! Please enjoy this 3 page update and I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger and end of the chapter while I'm on hiatus!
Cage has literally 0 chill constantly.
@Ina: Thank you so much! I really appreciate the sweet comments! Stolen is what I consider my first real short comic, I feel I've gotten a lot better since then, so I'm so glad you still enjoyed it :)
@Ina: Thank you! I really appreciate that! Things have been really busy on my end but I hope to share something new soon!
Sorry for the short update today! This leads right into the last few pages of the chapter :)
Five more pages to the end of the chapter! And we are nearing comic's second year anniversary! Unfortunately I missed it last year due to my living situation -- anything in particular you guys would be interested in seeing? Let me know!
Sorry for the delay! I am currently out of town and couldn't find time to add the text to these pages! Next update will still be next Wednesday :)
Cage is all checked out but at least he's being good!
Sorry for the late page! I am fostering a litter of kittens right now and they have been keeping me quite busy! I hope you are all having a great week! <3
Just a nice drive in upper class, human society. Time for a bit of culture shock.
Nobody is playing nice, to be honest.