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I have an obsession with the 20's and 30's.... fashion and traditional costume :3

I'm normally found in some shop or another... or brandishing my tablet and hunching over my laptop :3

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    Lee Lee
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hidefssac how you draw hands <3
hnngh what now? T_T xoxo
@pringu: Hehe suddenly bodyguard!
Thankyou very much my dear! <3
January 12th, 2013
oho! I bet he will!! ^w^
January 11th, 2013
Nice!!! Can't wait to see more!! xoxo
January 10th, 2013
Just found you today- I love this! You are very talented mdear! xoxoxoox
@wilderulz: Was it really that long ago? jeeeshus 0_0;; Haha I'll try and not let that happen again;; and yey! thanks!! I try my best^^ xoxo
hoho I like where this is going! XD So 1: the hips/ skirt shot, wow! I don't know, it looks really natural and organic, I really like how its put together ~ 2: your crowd scene, amd how you leave a gap of white between the lines and screentone, and 3: handcuffs. yes.
January 10th, 2013
I love the shot in the middle of the cliff that works really well! oh and hands, I like the hands! And how you structure a page^^

...also *waggles finger* go back and finish school you!
January 7th, 2013
God this is beautifully drawn! *w*
I didn't check in for a while, wow! your work has really come along! And your paneling! xoxo
Jesus christ! this is beautiful!!
Nice!!! I love the posing of panel one and how you drew the face in the final panel <3 also I'm pretty keen on this story! it seems very well thought out! xoxoxo
Oo I like Aegis^^ He's got that sartorial thing I go for *w* xoxo
@Moondragon: Aw^^ Its nice to be back^^ I'll try and be more punctual xoxo
@lovelessbutterfly: Aw thankyou dear! Sorry about that^^;; I do have more pages stacked up to be inked and rendered^^;; Hope you had a lovely xmas xoxo
Its been a while^^;
@CX1989XC: My God!!! ...I actually didn't realise that! XD Ooops~ maybe nobody else will notice ~ I did start off with them having cat ears~ but I didn't like them like that so wanted something more streamlined~ dang ^w^

....I did enjoy that show ^^//
@Xianide: Hee <3 Thats lovely of you to say so >_< Its those lil fiddly bits which give me an ol artist boner hohoho <3 xxxx
@Conwant: Thankyou my lovely! Its... yeah I'm not a huge background fan, so like tough parenting, you force yourself to work on those aspects the most XD but seriously thankyou, that means a lot^^

I'll try and hurry with the next page I'm sorry I'm slow uploading;; I' moving house so am kind of preoccupied;;; sorry;;; xxxx