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Mini Update
Here's a little mini update! Schools about to start, but it's snowing right now, so I got the chance to draw! Expect more regular updates fellow readers!
We're Back!
Here's the ending of this terrible story arc. Who started this dumb arc you may ask? Well it was so long ago, no one really remembers, best just to let it go. Enjoy everyone!
That is the correct response RockXIII
This Story should be wrapped up in about 1 more comic.
It looks good. Thanks for filling in some of this storyline! I'll try to wrap it up in 1 or 2 comics.
Haha nice man!
Can't come soon enough. haha
Month Old
We're a month old! Who ever though we'd get this far?
January 30th, 2010
Ahahaha that dogs face Is awesome!
Thomas and the LadyBug Pt.1
Sorry for the sketchy lines, my computer is all sorts of messed up. This was the best I could get it.
First comic
It is my first comic. I am sure the art will improve in the future though.