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whoa what happened to the comic?
burn them dragothing, burn them!!!!!!!
I can offically say that Amy finally went beast mode on that Gizoid.
wow nice reversal Vas.
are u sure thats ember? that kindof looks like a mini flamethrower! O.o
Crap i have the old school ms paint so it wont work as well as the updated one.
hey clare what is the background you use for the "missing" page?
Edit: O.o nvm. the better question is how did u increase the size without depixilizin it?
ok i understand. since school is almost over and i wont have any mental breakdowns anytime soon (plz dont ask...) i will get back into this comic.
unless something in my life can take mountains of school work off my hands, i'll be able to update. I haven't even been writing as much because of it. ;-;
Tell them to put you under. that is what they did to me.
Give me two days to think of somethin
ok i won't be able to make any comics casue i'm "banned" from electronics. so this may be the only time i'll be on the comp unless my parents aren't home.
I think the drink either made him into that or ever time he blows up and parts of him try to controll another body.
will it could be more than just Fusion Kirby.
if your outside how can a rock fall on you? Just askin.
My character likes a person who CAN sing. If you cant't; well don't get in his way.
that isn't the correct word for this situation. try mutiplyin it by 5.
Well a wasn't mad for a small reason this time. >_>
oh i call next comix! since now i have an actual chance to do one.