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I like dragons, Linux, programming and other things related to the computers. Sorry for bad "Enklish" in my comics, but I'm Polish. Thanks a lot for inspirations to Sameth (Dragon City, Jix) Sycle (Dragon Tails) and Fany (Dragon Heroes). Soon I'll start here new comic about dragons, but I have to write some scripts.
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    Dariusz G. Jagielski
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I can't wait for Action 52 arc.
@Luigi_96: She has cameras all over your house...
Have a nice trip! Don't worry, we can wait.
Could you visit my dA and tell me what do you think?

Also can't wait for next comic!
Nice cover
If you used tabled, I suggest you to try SmoothDraw program. It's a nice Chinese (with English interface, of course!) drawing program that turns out to be pretty good in quality (unlike other Chinese products). Also, if you may - please visit my deviant art:
@BattleStarX: If you have tablet, you can always get SmoothDraw and make hand-drawn comic instead. Also try out gimp. Version 2.8 offers single-window mode which feel more PS-like.
Attetion, please!
Sorry for doing that to you, guys. I should be impaled and burn slowly while still alive for that.
The new version should be on in a moment. I'll also import layout from this comic. But this may wait. Sorry for being such, well, a pig.
And white filler for the first time! YAY!!!
So maybe you could write a game in Java where you could build things from tiny blocks?

Oh wait...
If you ever read A Kirby Komic, you know that squished Kirby makes a PERFECT trampoline.
Helpful guest says
...that you don't have to make whole sprite darker, only part that is already in doors. Possibly gradient.
Let me guess...
Comic made by MS Paint Kirby?
You should make segments like this more often. It was real fun.
For Ultimate Yoshi:
How do you like other Kirby comics out there, specifically
- A Kirby Komic:
- Kirby Dream Adventure:
- 20 times Kirby:
- Kirby's Adventures:

//edit: And yes, that WAS one question, just elaborated.
Nintedo should make game based on your comic. It would be EPIC!