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Just another guy that makes sprite comics on SJ.

The only comic that I'm really working on would be Chrono Fantasy X. I hope you all enjoy Chrono Fantasy X.

Thank you, and have a good day :3
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This blog post on our official site coincides with this comic. If you want, go and check it out. Otherwise, ignore it.
Introduction :o
What's up guys it's Bringerofdeath, co-author of Mushroom Division!

I've been working with Kaz for a super long time and I myself am super amped about this comic cause this has been something we've wanted to do for a long time.

Hope you guys enjoy the first comic cause there's gonna be a lot more where that came from! :D
Aha. I see it! Hint: In the very back of the background :P

Pretty creative if I may say so myself lol
Lol I see. I agree with you on the sight problem. It is frustrating when you cant see big things, but memorize the little details.

+Fav. I'm really likin the idea of your comic, and your personality lol
I feel for Shadow's frustration.

Well not like sensing a powerful being far away, but being frustrated in general.
The paneling is unqiue. Seems a lot like mine O.o
So finally! Our delayed premier! Sorry we couldn't bring this to you guys at Christmas Eve, but better late than never as they say! Now there are some things we need to clear up.

We couldn't exactly re-create the cut scene from the original game, so we had to switch up the lines and actions a little bit. But you should get the point.

But aside from that, hope you guys enjoy our first page of the comic!