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I love making comics,
it like a disorder i have D:

Anyways, I don't own a scanner,
but i use the school's
So basically during break like winter/spring/longer holidays
I don't have a chance to update. xD
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As i said before
I apologize for lack of update, college app.
My New Dell Laptop had a hard drive problem and I got it two months ago ;-; Anyways After I finally got it fixed, I had to redownload some art program and yeah.

Anyways yeah, new page.
Scanner at school is being weird again, but I noticed I have 60 fans, so thank you for staying with me through this comic, as a gift, a sneak peek of two future characters.
Please Read
Okay, so if you did not know, I only use the school scanner therefore no updates in the summer vacation. However what i wanted to say is that my laptop has been broken and i recently got this new one. I will say that none of these comics are dead.

Thank you for your wait, only a few more days until school starts.
I didn't want to continue making digital fillers,
Even though I hate my digital art, one or two digital page
wouldn't hurt I guess. Like I said with my other
comics, I use the school's scanner and since
it's summer break, I can't get to a scanner.
Sorry for delays in updating, since school is about to end,
I need to find a place to scan my art in the summer ):
My home scanner is broken since 3 years ):
sorry for late update
Finals... ):
and yes, Smoky (the guys nickname)
flashback is about to end.
awkward poses.
@tangyskittles: Glad you like it
@yaoi4evandnevayuri: Glad you do ^^
His flashback will end soon.
Then it'll go on to Canny's Flashback
@Random-Person: It would have, and I thought of it, but then decided not to because of future reason. I'll not say, but once you know it, you'll understand.
Finally an update.
Yeah now lets get into some of the make students.
Got bored, decided to give it some color.

The Boy is Red, white and blue is Joe.
The Boy who was holding Joe is Pete.
sorry for lack of update
It's not dead, no worries.
yeah he just brushing through his
shitty teenage years.
@RainbowRandomness: *Claps*
@yaoi4evandnevayuri: sadly there are a lot of heartbreaking emotional parts in this comic.
@Random-person(Guest): Yea i love doing that in text and thank you :>
@Random-person: So you've notice? But it can't be helped, Sunglasses are just too badass.
yay an update :>
Just slowly going through his abnormal-ish life
Sorry for delay of update
Had a hard time deciding on what the other side would look like.
And testing D:<

At least i finally got the time during lunch to update.

(horrible at drawing stuff)
@RainbowRandomness, I figured xD
@tangyskittles, Actually this guy believed what he was doing is right, He's more on the insane side.
@mananabiscuit, um what?
lazy coloring lol