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Erm...Geeky,nerd....Wargaming mainly 40k and Blood Bowl. Paint, Draw, sketch, sculpt. Drink....usual stuff..
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LMAO... I have incedents like that..
"Watch my most awesomest attack I 've been saving for months to do................*SWACK!*.............Son-of-a-bi.."
Another nutter
Wannabe Troll Slay type Blood Bowl player Buggrit!
I fellow Blood Bowl chap I know requested a personal characiture for forum and genral I did :D
Pure Serenity!
A little something in a hat tip to the "Firefly" TV Series :D
great to see a few more of Ballpoint :D
Must of missed this one!

Just like our party, we also end up arguing who and when...then the DM gets bored and throws a random encounter at us to stop the arguing !!
It's all cool!
Keeps things upto date etc..

...on with the story!...
September 7th, 2010
Katey Price?
I am sooo Fav'ing this ! :D

LOL....I really should spoof my DnD friends I play with!
SO far so good, nice style :)

Found this on "Suggestions"...
Love the Doctor character :)
You'll have to do another side story to the main with the new Doctor and confuse the main characters! :)
Crazy Fooool!
After watching the team on telly as a kid and with the up coming film, thought I'd spoof it all up for the Hundred Feet Heroes and have it as my current forum banner!
LOL...yup! Damned PC's! Always wanting to do whatever is the opposite your trying to do!
Going for the look!
...ammendum to the fiddling about with stuff...really tried to fet a feel for a HFH here's the first!......Well second, but anyway!.........
New and Improved? your call!
This is the first of a trial that is upgrading my cartooning technique. Namely doing it better and getting my arse in gear to learn more on vector graphics!.
The layout has changed..Title, cells, overall proportions...for the trial I just swiped the origianl cell images and trans planted them in.
Also managed to figure out how to do FX texts ALOT better...still need to fiddle etc etc.

Comments on how you think this compares to the original/others would be great!
A new favourite!
Happened across this whilst browsing...Great stuff! Added it to my favourites now!...Started reading and then realised now late for work! will finish later.
Love the style and the quirky story-line..Blade-meets-Winnie the Poo-meets-Shaun of the dead!!
Wrong order!
This should of been the first time we are introduced to Goof...Oh well!
The concept for this was created over a year ago.!