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I am me. Thats all you need to know ;)
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Once again, i find myself wanting a caterpie
My only question is: Wai you no wear it now baby~ ;D
Gravy and Toast.

Just saying.
I just nerded all over the floor.

It's messy.

I love you
I want one!!!!!!
First time...
...I've ever commented, but this page is just TOO CUTE! That caterpie is adorable
omg he's going to harvest his organs and sell them on the black market and then run off into the night!
Where can i get myself one of these? ;P
You're lucky by the looks of these comics you guys are totally cute and ment of each other :)
I can't be the only one who instantly thought "Just a little lower draco..."
Don't put up a full comic, I like this one. XD it has character as it is :P

though if you've worked hard on a full strip it would be sad not to see it.
A walking pokedex?!
The way Gorge just sprouted out information like that reminded me of when ash got the pokedex out and it told him about the pokemon XD
Haha, this looks like its going to be pretty funny. -latches on the fav wagon-
The art work on this comic is so pretty
o w o
and the plot line seems interesting too! Can't wait for more :D
I don't think the banner's an april fools.. I've seen it on two other comics with slightly different points. I think its real guys....
I'm tearing up already! So cute... I wonder how Ed and Liam will meet again. XD So exciting yet sad cus I don't want this to end D:
I love how everyone is saying "So cute" and the first thing that came into my head was "So short O.o;"
January 13th, 2011
Grungy, dirty and full of atmosphere. I'm loving this comic! The style is brilliant and so far its really interesting too. Can't wait to read more. XD
I can't remember ever commenting on this comic (I'm a bit of a silent stalker) but I felt that i have to comment at least once. This Comic was amazing fun and I really enjoyed reading it! I'm sad to know I wont be seeing it pop up on my updated list anymore. I hope your other projects go well and Look forward to seeing things popping up on DA. I also look forward to any future Web Comics you do, be they related to FS or not! Keep up the good work and you will be missed <3
Hrm.... thats a rather interesting expression on that there face.... I've got tingles. Yay for updates, I've missed this story so bad. XD
A page! owo
I was worried something bad had happened to you so I'm glad to see a page update, sorry to hear about all the work IRL *hug*

Loving the the glow from the city and the dynamic between these two is amazing. Its good to see this again and I know have the urge to go back and re-read.