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I like the handwriting text.
Charmander looks så cute in the third panel.
> militarymulle

Starter historien forfra :/ vil lave den om. Skal have rettet noget på historien...
My computer is dead... o.O
My computer is totally dead and will not start up, that's why I maked this page with pencil and tusch o.O instead of digital... Totally dead com, like cookies O.O
Sry, this page came very late, but there were a lot of things to do this week. But still this page fail, be sure that I will remake this page, when I got the time ._.'
Next week there will not come any updates, cause I'm on holiday :/
Page 2
I had a lot of time to make this page, cause I didn't got anything special to do today ;)
The first page!
First page of the first chapter. I like it and hope you enjoy too :)
The Cover
I hope you will enjoy my comic. I will soon post the first page.
I just foundt this comic today and I love it. I like your stile and awesome work ;)