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I'm just a regular Korean girl who LOVES Korean music. I also listen to some Japanese and Taiwanese music. I watch a lot of asian dramas, which makes me want to make a comic like it(don't get angry if I make another one XD). I'll try to update all my comics once in a while. Well thats pretty much it so.....
Wow your art is so pretty >.< the coloring is nice too
Your art is very nice ^-^
um... how about the main character likes her childhood friend but secretly likes him and he is extremely popular at school and she doesn't want to risk her friendship(plus he has a girlfriend),so she is thinking about giving up...meh. Something like that?
Uah! It's so amazingly cute! >.< can't wait!
I love your comic! It's so amazing >.< I wonder what happens next! *keeps pressing the next button*