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And that, ladies and gents, is why you shouldn't include capes/scarves/random-dangly-things-around-your-neck in your costume design.

A little girl will beat you up while holding you down with it.
Foxy has the funniest face there.
Just sayin'.
I would pay my mother's/friend's money for that squidopus and/or related merchandise. Just saying.
Oh, God. Simon.
Just.... XD
Good comic is good and the cute is good and what everyone else beat me to. -sob-
Hooo', Dake.
If I were you, I'd start sleeping with the lights on.
And a holy-magic-relic shooting gun under the pillow.
Awww. Pifo... If only you could speak like a normal person. Then I could really take you seriously. <3
Improvement is always at hand!
And speaking of hands, Eric's looks like a plate. XD (I mean the size, not how you drew it. It looks fantastic.)
I also look forward to the fic. .3.

Edit: Oh my God. Emery has /flowers/ on his boots? That is amazing.
I bet that hurts more than bendin' yer nails back. ;A;
If he weren't trying to kill Dake, I'd feel bad for the cow.
-has no right to make a wallpaper comment; no moneys-
: D
His bedhead looks like mine!
Except mine's short and cannot be fixed with dinglehoppers.
I found this comic just a little while ago, and I can see why everyone is so excited about it. :D
You're back!
I was just wondering about this the other day.
It's still so pretty. *A*
The way he's holding onto her arm looks a little less romantic... and a little more painful.
But it's still a beautiful page/sceen/comic.
There are words on that paper! I can read some! It's amazing!

And I agree. That cop dude needs a vacation after tonight.
Isen is one hot fake human.
Mm. <3
The obvious thing to do in a creepy basement pool is to go skinny dipping. I mean, no windows or anything for peepers!