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One inside every box!
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"It smells of sap and nectar" made me laugh out loud.

The plot thickens~ as usual.
I agree, it's probably the numans. Maybe Evur is afraid that seeing them will spark some Reka memories in Hillaree.
She openly accepted everything about you
except that you love her and want to stay by her side!
bummer, that one :(
yay more spyro
I'm surprised. Hillaree is dumb enough to make that conclusion, or at least vocalize it, but I figured her Pokemon would be more insightful.
Congratulations, albeit belated but the comment belongs on this page. You deserve it ;D
garret i didn't like you very much before but now you're practically a knight in shining armor
hillaree, it's time to learn a life lesson - you can't just be a jerk and walk out of the room and never hear the response and get away with it, whatever your excuse :I
You tell her, Garret
someone needs to let hilaree know how stupid she is goodness
yes evur <333 leafy ilu

It's weird that this "SOME PEOPLE ARE SO UPSET AND ABOUT TO LEAVE" thing keeps coming up in comments/author comments/the comic, because I've only seen one or two serious complaints since you started fretting about it. I think it's a mountain->molehill kind of thing really.
HAH. As if she could beat the professor!!
Any Evur is good Evur omg a full body shot with butterfree
@the being: It's typical of any character like Spyro to not be cool enough to stop taking Hillaree's words at face value. This same exact scenario happens all the time in anime. And other places. And so is the depression part. Sure, it has meaning, but that doesn't make it not a stereotype! (Just like love being the greatest power in the world - it's true, and it's important, but it's also tyyyyypiiicallll)
Omg, Hillaree being a boob is bad enough, but Spyro is also falling into typical-anime-depression and needs to snap out of it. Get up and find your Trainer, boy, or at least vent to your buddies for help.

And Kuri is obviously meeting with Professor Evur (who else would you want to see in viridian forest?)...they're going to play scrabble alllllll night
I'd vote to kill her off. Or at least put her in the hospital for a few chapters and let Spyro or Bopz or Evur have some actually smart adventures. :I she's so DUMB omg
Wow Hillaree, way to be a jerk. First Spyro, now Hazel? I don't really believe she can't stand other people, because of past events in the comic, but holy cow what a loser! I can't believe how hurtful that is, especially not even having enough respect to call Robin by his real name, if she was doing it intentionally. Whoooahh :| And no, even if she were doing it to protect people doesn't make being an absolute everloving jerkoff okay in any sense at all ever. Waayyyy over the line. Mewthree had better smack some sense into her, or Hazel if she's got the guts, because poor Spyro is probably going to go stick his tail in a bucket of water and DIE
Hillaree's not interested in catching all the Pokemon or running the Gym challenge, so instead of "Gotta 'catch 'em all'", it's "just 'gotta'" ;D

It seems so RANDOM but definitely Hillaree-ish

Maybe she wants to be a comics artist like Vye.

I really like Zen's new character picture.
She wants to be Mewtwo when she grows up!

Anyway, I think she might want to be a good parent. You know. To do right by HER kids. And... as much as I think Hillaree would be all "ugh, children!! what a pain!!" the way she acts towards her Pokemon and the way people gravitate to her seems to say she'd take to that kind of nurturing leadership in time. Not to make it sexist or anything, it just struck me as something that could work for her.

Of course, being Mewtwo? waay cooler!!