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College student in first year of 3D Animation :)
I like to draw, write stories, make music videos, photoshop colour lineart from others :P, sculpt and obsess over n3rdy things :)
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awww poor little charmander looks all depressed :( help him dang it! lol
lol he's not very good at trying to fool people, is he? lol
Ohhhh I love this page!! common sense and caring finally take over Atticus' brain :D Go affection! lol
lol I thought it was something really horrible that had him all sad and distraught...not his bed hair >.> XD
its ok Ariel, use a brush...or a fork...I've heard that works lol
>.> I love that last panel in the bottom right-hand corner :3 I hope the next page is this scene's continuation!
dang lol I think 3/4 of us thought there'd be some sort of raging murderer at the door lol kind of disappointed that its a cute little girl lol give her poison darts to use!! XD
that door knock has a sinister feeling to it >.> I wouldn't answer that if I was you!
also I love those first two panels! awesome emotion in his features
ewwww icky talking head >.< poke it! poke it with a stick XD lol
I wonder what's gonna happen next?
AWESOME! Now we got some action and drama goin'! :D I love how suspicious she was in the last page of Hades but now I'd love to see what happens :D
w00t! Charles got his butt kicked and its gonna be served back to him on silver platter soon! :D
awww poor little guy :( lol its ok Charmander, I'd have run away too lol
oh noes! I know this sounds evil but I hope he goes back to find her and has a good cry in front of the villagers that saved him so they can be all sad and hug him >:)
oh wow she's gorgeous! O.O they're so sweet together :)
oh no! poor guy :( Come on fish boy! go comfort him >:)
XD damp orange sock lol
oh my gosh that papa freaks me out, you have no idea how much >.< and I eagerly await the 18+ pages! b>.<d (those are thumbs up lol)
lol I can practically hear a "Muahahahahahaaa" in the background lol psycho papa O.O lol
aww :( he's noticed that he's frightening poor Charmander, thank goodness :)
I love the middle panels, he seems nicer now :D
Kick 'em to the moon and back Bob! I hope he makes them feel ashamed of themselves! >:(