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The Boring Girl
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@kyo-chan: Is it really okay that I take the lead then?
@EscapedYesterday: That is simple if you check over the last comic there you can apply as a co-author :)
SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! /////>.<//////
Got an idéa.
@Relmofthewolf: I think your charter could classify as a demon of some kind. :)
Thank you it makes me really happy that you liked it it was really irritating to draw.
This is the front of the castle it's over 500years old. It may look small from the out side but yu will be suprised by the inside.
Okay :3
She's pretty :3
Nice charters :3
Raidon Kage
This is Raidon Kage he's a thunder demon.
Raidon has just recently hit the wonderful age of 365 human years. He's a smart dude lol sometimes he talks in codes. But there is not to much information about him...
Nice if it evere reatches sweden then it's awsome :D cause that would make me able to buy it :D
I love the bread toys <3 Oh and I love that the comic is uppdated on smackjeeves again cause it wan't for couit a while and I always got lost on your comic site so thanks for uppdating it here to <3 <3 <3
I wish I could visit disneyland one day it seam awsome :')
I can't wait to get whats happening to her right now :D
Lovely <3
A sad fan
I love this comic I always reads it when I got time and I know I don't coment so much but I hvave so much troubel tring to spell so that you will know what I'm talking about but it's not that you do wrong it's just that I get sad when I'm trying to spell D:
@Rennakins: Okay thats good :)
@Rennakins: How did her hair change color did i miss a page or something couce she had black hair with purple higlights in it first o.O' O.o'