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I'm a mysterious and busy person ohoho~

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6 months laterr~
So long I waited to update this ; v ; / w

Can't guarantee I'll be updating this often but I felt bad for taking so long ffff
29 days later~ So sorry ; 3 ; I didn't realize how little time I actually had before camp, and then for the past few days I've been having the hardest time drawing.. Then magic occurred, and I was able to finish this in aboot an hour (Go drawing sketches first!!)

Hopefully I can update more soon, but I don't want to make any promises~

Enjoy * v *
I've lost track of time.
I really meant it when I said an update a week~ And for some reason I didn't think it had been a week since I'd updated last .... 13 days.

Ugh I'm so stupid ; v ;

Anyways~ I think I really got Alois's hair this time (I have a really hard time drawing it) And ignore the super lame Claude... He's kinda a pain to draw since he's a jerk and mean and blah blah rabble rabble rabble.

Next update should be not too long... I'm going to queue it because I head off to camp next week.
*Pokerface* :I




Look at those nipples ; A ;
I finally took the time to read Phobia... Anyone who hasn't Read it~! It's gorgeous, it inspired me to draw 3 pages for this comic and down my confidence a bit ; _ ;

But anyways, enjoy this page~! The next one features a little Alois and Claude picture (;
I took quite a while so I hope you enjoy the next page ; v ;

~Hopefully Sebastian looks like Sebastian.
Congratulations on getting into an art highschool!! I always wanted to go to one u v u
It's a jpeg, so hopefully the quality is still good.

Next page is lotsa Sebastian U v U
... Are- Are those nipples?

* V *
I'm really excited with how this is turning out so I went and uploaded another page = v =

*Had the hardest time drawing Sebastian, but I think I'm starting to get him down...
New Comic~
Updates weekly, at some point...

At the most, there will be some light nakedness with Ciel~ Maybe invisipeen, I haven't decided... It will be done tastefully so blah.

I love this comic already ; v ; It's so funny, i love how you draw so never change EVER *shot
Your artwork is beautiful (:
Ohh i'm so excited to see all the characters coming in!! Can't wait for more (: Your artwork is lovely <3
Can't wait for Squidward XDDD
Whoooh thanks for the update c:

I love their outfits!
Ohh i like how Kyle and his parents are drawn!

Cartman looks epically fat too xD
Whoop! Updates ;D

Can't wait for more <3
So happy for the update *U*