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Justice killer
I'm only here to see what everyone on smackjeeves is up to nowadays. You guys don't seem to be doing so well though.
Just for comic ideas.
***hehe , strudel
**** like toaster strudel.
Swallow all your doubt
Make your lust cry out
Dear Ash
You are such a loser , in fact, u are the SCUM between my toes
@Draven22: I'm pretty sure that's now his official name , considering it was used in P4A.
this is my favorite drawing so far.
yo i'm updating this place.I think me and my friend Kittyz are the only people left to update here.I guess any new artists are like 2 or 3 slots open.
@cqclegoman: what are you talking about.there were 8 at first and then something happened to him.
I know this isn't really important , but is that the stick from 30 second hero?
Yes i'm the person updating this everywhere
That cow.would be perfect for stew.
:O an update!And amazing as always!
I know its a horrible sprite
I know this might be good , but give ACTUAL C+C , not just "Oh noes , my dick is spewing poision"
The best one out there.