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I'm a dumb teenager who spends too much time on the computer
dylans faces make me use up a lot of energy
ahhHHh mamamnann one more page until you get to see Kurtis ha haha (theres a high chance I may color that page too)
WOOO BOY i need to find my place in the update schedule world. This comic may be slow at the beginning b/c im working on some other things atm, but it'll probably pick up once I've got my projects outta the way.

I s2g all Dylan listens to are pop(???) artists from like 2006 lmao
(wake me up) wake me up inside
There's so many panels in this page but I think after this there's like 6 or 7 panels so we're all good
what's all the hubbub
what's all the hubbub

(and so the comic begins.....................)
the beginning of the rollercoaster
aHHHH hey everyone!! I'm starting a comic which I hope to be kinda short (?????). I've already got 11 pages sketched and still planning out the chapters. Vid fever will probably update once or twice a week but I'm not sure, yaknow what the exact days will be.

Video playback buttons are made by birofunk @ !!!
I just want to thank all of you who are actually keeping up with this comic, thank you!!! You are all so wonderful thank you so much. ;_;

Well, onto chapter 3! I might not update for awhile because I'm preparing multiple pages for the comic and everything. In the meantime I'll be answering questions on formspring.

Thanks! :D
Oh House-Husband, oh poor poor House-Husband...

Well, we're almost reaching the end of the chapter! Yay, and I actually have other characters to introduce! LOOK FORWARD TO IT YO! :D
@janylin: XDDD He's making great progress!!! Lol, it's good to be back! XD
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: That is true, Rick really does save the day. :o *contemplates while rubbing chin*
Let's not pretend I haven't updated in 12 that must be one long phone bill. X'D

*Mass produces pages*
...Do those even exist? o.o If they do I kinda want one...

ANYWAY sorry for the lack of updates recently! ;_; gomenasaaaii /shot for using horrible japanese again XDD So i made little nice blue swirly things...that somehow makes up for 7 days of no updates. XDDD Not sure how that works but it does! ^.^
@Cannetella: Poor Rick...I'm just picking on him now aren't I. X'DD

@janylin: I "see" what you did there, I wonder if Rick "sees" it as well? XD
I had to...I had to...

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, and this page is so half assed. X'D
Aww look at House-Husband, actually trying to educate himself about House Care.
If only you knew House Husband...if only you knew...

Wow! House-Husband got 100+ fans on smackjeeves, I feel so happy joy! @u@

Couldn’t ask for a more awesome set of fans, it would be nice to have more fans only if they were as wonderful as you guys are now!

Thanks everyone!!! ^.^ *free hugs*
@Random Stalker: IKR SO SUGOOOIII~~!!!
Ahaha, man see I knew it should have been something like that! (After watching lots of japanese...ha.../weaboo)
This is the last time I take directions from a blind man..

And by blind man I mean google translate...
and by directions I mean translation.....
XDD Thanks for the tip Random Stalker!!
*should probably change this but will eventually forget*

@Leolan: ....Don't you mean American Leolan? /shot XDD
@IEatTacosForDinner: Only if the fans were all like you awesome people! XDD *hugs awesome people everywhere*
@-music-: This is totally me too...I just jump the gun XDD
Hahhaa, you do?! *usually makes horrible arrows but had to redo them a couple times ORZ*
In Japanese if you were wondering
(I used google translate. LOL. Pfft, madameblack doesn't actually know any other languages fluently except good ol AMERICAN!)
I love how this comic somehow reminds people about not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. XDD

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile guys! See what had happeneded wuz....XDD Anyway, we almost have 100 fans HOMGGG!? Thanks you guys! I hope you're all enjoying the comic so far! :o
@janylin: LOL, iknowright? Opening stuff is the fun part. XDD
@IEatTacosForDinner: Story of your (and my) life bro. XDDD
@Random Stalker: I wish there was like an all in one cleaning thingy...QUICK I NEED TO INVENT THISSSS *watch it be already invented*
@Tree: W-what is this nonsense, you speak of? CLEANING? WHICH YOU KNOW HOW TO DO??? *shuns Tree* XDD
@Sir: Don't be like our sad house husband, go downstairs and do your laundry! That's the spirit! XDD
February 25th, 2012