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Hallo, my name's rinalicat from the UK! I am a part time nursery nurse and an improving story teller (I've been drawing since 2006 and writing since 2010).

I have a language difficulty and it can take me a while to get what's going on so I'm sorry if I say something that offends you; text doesn't help!
I would describe myself as a horrible human being but my friends and family describe me as funny, honest and kind. I'm also an uber-nerd (DYNASTY WARRIORS 5EVAH) >:3

Comic Status:
- Active
- Now updating

- An idea for a game that I will never make involving aliens and fantasy...but not the actual game for reasons.
- If you want to see the original character sketches:
- Active

My Collabs
- Discontinued (now removed)
- Pretty much dead. Sorry if you liked them but...they kinda got stressful and I did some stupid things...I'm sorry...

Upcoming projects:
- My first writing project. In the final stages. No artist attached yet.
- Will debut once I find an artist...
- That will be a while cause I'm akward and lazy...I suck...
A few announcements to make!
Okay so next week is my birthday! I'm turning 23 on Thursday so there will be no update that week because I'll be busy meeting with family and friends and the following week I'm going away for the weekend with some other friends so Continue..? won't update for the next two weeks!

Which for me is fine because I really haven't caught up with pages and this chapter is nearly over...

As a result, I might extend my hiatus until I can catch up with pages. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks so until then, see you soon!!
Birds are cool!
I like birds; birds are great! I'd love to get one but we have a cat and a dog so there's no chance of that happening. Also my dad has said that if we ever got a bird, he'd want a massive cage for it because he thinks the smaller ones are cruel so yeah.

Also! If you want a bird that talks, here's what you need; you need a male bird under the age of one by himself. Seriously if you want a talking bird, don't get another bird until you've successfully completed your goal. Personally, I don't think I'd ever get just one bird because I think that's cruel to the poor thing to leave it by itself in a cage...
February 28th, 2015
Nearly to the end of the chapter
I got new glasses yesterday! Apparently I look more intelligent and I really like them!! But they're a different colour and everything...I will miss wearing my red ones but EH, they're now a spare pair.
Oh I just realised we've passed 100 pages
Cool. But I haven't done anything to celebrate it...actually I'm behind on pages...*awkward noises* I need to draw at least one page today.
It's Valentines Day!
Ah I was going to draw something but then I forgot...ah, well that's fine.
February 7th, 2015
My week in a nutshell
PERSONA 5!!!!!! *eyes sparkle with excitement* I CANNOT WAIT!!!
January 31st, 2015
Also! News! a job this week!! A friend of the family runs a doggy day care (we met because my parents decided to hire a dog walker for our dog and my parents helped set up the business as it is now, my dad still providing business advice when needed) and I occasionally go down to help and the owner thinks I'm good with dogs so she offered me a contract?????????

I'm still in shock.

Anyway, I work Mondays to Thursdays (and sometimes Friday) so this means no more Wednesday updates. It's a weird change but I've only just started so I should get used to it soon!
Also advertising!
My friend Ash (username aceofstars) is taking part in LINE Webtoon's Challenge League! Please go check out his comics!

D20 Fighting! Club:
RPG Team:
I feel like I'm tripping back to the early 2000's
Because Mysterious Boy sounds like a song called Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre. I FEEL OLD.
Happy New Year!
So we're back and I have an announcement to make! My house is having some building work done starting Monday and I've decided to go back to once a week updates for the time being. This is because I am unsure of whether or not I can actually stay in my house and might use that time to either escape for a short period OR work on pages elsewhere. Seriously, I have barely any pages. I finished about 5 over Christmas and I'm concerned about making the cut!

Another reason for this (in addition to the work and lack of pages) is because I've decided to redo my other comic Satelite. This is purely because I can't really get the story working as much as I like it so I am ENTIRELY redoing it, with a new cast and story, but so far I've not done very much so I need to focus on this too.

So until then, I am updating every Saturday again. This should only be for about 9 weeks (we THINK) and it's kinda helping me get inspired to get pages out. I've drawn about 2 so far this week, I am on a roll!

I am also considering taking a small break when I hit 10 chapters. This is, again, just so I can catch up and to do some more writing/note taking about the story. But I'll let you all know later to the date. Anyway! See you next Saturday!
November 29th, 2014
Last update before Christmas!
I'll see you all on the 6th January!! Happy holidays!
November 26th, 2014
Nearly to the hiatus!
Saturday starts the hiatus!!
SO, this chapter we briefly saw magic and I could have totally done Connor but I thought, address magic now and do Connor next time. It's purely because I'm trying to work out which count as Connor spoilers and what doesn't count as Connor spoilers. Because some little details count as spoilers but there is one I'm going to throw out there during the upcoming chapters which I hope will leave people like "Wait, what" about him and probably people will guess bits about him before I actually announce it.

Also I totally meant to write "everyone has the talent to use magic but only 30% can actually use it" but for some reason I totally wrote it wrong and just noticed.
One more week!
To Christmas hiatus and END CHAPTER! Omake updates tomorrow!
The chapter finishes this week! And then I get started on the next before disappearing for Christmas!
Old references are funny
If anyone ever read the old Continue..?, Tyrell actually found his first weapon in a very similar situation; he took it off a dead body.
CONNOR HAS ARRIVED! And Skye. I actually forgot Skye's name and I've either renamed him or remembered it perfectly. NAILED IT EITHER WAY.
Not long until this chapter
And we're back!
...for a few more weeks and then we're going on the Winter hiatus in December...whoops...
Um...sweetie??? RUN!!!