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The film wasn't all that bad...I mean...sure they casted a Chinese American as a Japanese man...but I thought it was...crap...but the shark vs the plane scene was epic XD

(and if you think that this was the worst movie, you obviously haven't seen Malibu Shark attack...With giant goblin sharks...that can leap out of the water ¬_¬)
...this probably explains why my first boyfriend was always covered in bruises...I used to play pokemon a lot XD
Okay...being a yaoi fangirl I just have to say (this REALLY surprised me) I like the no bl rule :D
And I, of course, LOVE DRUNK PEOPLE!!! XD
I've been watching this for over ten minutes now XD
It trully is awesome :3
*fangirl squeel*
(And thank you for the shark fact :3 )
Sasha only meows when she is hungry....or when she gets her claws stuck in my arm ¬_¬
I am SERIOUSLEY overwhelmed by awesomeness...*nosebleed*
Love it <3
I agree with Angel.Montgomery :3
TIGHT CLOTHES (NOT ALWAYS - Statement only used in this situation) RULE!!!
Oh god XD
I can't stop laughing...
Brings back memories of running around London in a dressing gown waving a towel around XD
So cute and such an awesome (yet cruel) idea :D
This is just :D

I love your randomness :3
10 points if you make them cry :3

I love this game XD
(50 if they blow snot out of their nose)
I hate the fact that it's over...but what you said was true...And short and too the point is sometimes best :3
Eheh he he...:3
Incest smells good lol XD
*Giggles at the crews reaction*

The art style makes me scream like a little fan girl every time I see it...