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@Jordan Cat:

Well I was using a Wacom bamboo, I JUST got a new intuos, it's a lot bigger than the one I had been using, all nice and shiney with amazing pressure sensitivity!
working on pages for the week, gonna get everything together so theres no more hiccups @_@ Paleotheas not even gone a week and I'm already off track! oh well, will add some depth to this page but I didn't want it to be any later than it already was, so >.>.... *slinks back to work*
RIP my tablet...
So.. good news and bad news. My tablet died in the process of making this page... that woudl be the bad news, the good news is that on July 3rd I'll be getting a new tablet! Happy birthday to me! hopefully I'll have time to get the tablet working and finish this page up then do Fridays page between birthday shenanigans, if not I'll finish it over the weekend and have them up ASAP

Side note! - would people be interested in seeing the rest of the pages I had sketched from the original comic as some bonus content?
(Do keep in mind that this will be spoilers as we will eventually work our way back to the point we were at. )

ALSO Paleothea is off to Europe for a bit, but she'll be back in about a month and a half, thankfully since everything is being re-drawn I know where this is going, so broken computer parts aside I'll be able to continue updates as per usual.

speech bubbles are the bane of my existence
@AmberOne: I had considered that... but looking back at the old pages, I just couldn't let those sit, even in a year my arts come a long way and if I'm going to be doing this again, I'm going to be doing it right. There will be a lot of tweaks to the story, though plot points will be staying for the most part. We'll get back to missing scoodles, don't you worry :>
I never know what to put here... soooo RANDOM QUESTION TIME!

What's your favorite video game right now? I'm looking for something new to play.
Friday the 13th
Don't go walking past any black cats!

Also I hope the new style isn't throwing anyone off too much <3
@paleothea: Can we take a moment to say it's weird to be called K when- augh, my brasiinnnnnsssss
Sharing the Sentiment
It's been a while.. looking back through the archives I can't help but feel a lot of different things when it comes to this comic. First and foremost, I want to share this story with everyone.

This isn't something I'd ever be able to do on my own and even though it's going to be a bit of a set back to start over from the beginning. Fresh start for a fresh reboot. Plus I feel my art style has changed a great deal since we first began.. there will be some changes, some new angles on things approved by myself and Paleo.

So Enjoy!

Also, if you're interested in my other artistic ventures check out MOSSTEP.TUMBLR.COM

<3 <3 <3 <3

It's good to be back
Technical difficulties
Between an increased amount of hours at work, getting sick and some corrupted files on my computer I seemed to have completely dropped the ball here.

All I can say is I'm super sorry and that I'll get us back on track as soon as I possibly can, tomorrow is my day off this week and I'm planning on finishing out the chapter and work on the next one so this will never happen again.

As an apology I dug up some sketches, take what you will of them. Semi-spoilerish I guess?

Again, I am so so sorry, I will be posting daily until we catch up to where we were supposed to be in the comic.
I drink... your milkshake...

So guess what? It's Paleothea's Birthday, shower her in well wishes :3
The voices in his head are NOT telling him to eat some cookies...

This is our comic profile on Smack Jeeves, It's as simple as registering and adding us to your favorites list
If all else in the city is destroyed, at least the bar is still standing! :D

Edit: If we can get to 130 fans by Friday ( currently we have 92) I'll go back to five pages a week
@AmberOne: While I am endlessly amused by this line of thinking I see a few glaring problems,

1- Yun would be wasting her magic on a moron like him

2- I think Woh is immune to Yun's icy stare of death

and lastly 3- I'm not sure Yun would do such seductive things to make a bad impression on Shana XD
Be sure to check out the facebook page for bonus sketches and content!

The link is along the left hand side of the site :)
Really amazed how quickly everyone jumped on Woh, apparently the line is hurting scoodles.

Gotta keep that in mind from now on XD
Poor scoodles is going to get whiplash if he keeps shaking him like that...

Also hello to everyone! How was your long weekend? It felt odd with no updates... We'll have to figure out what we want to do with that soon.

On another note, Scar-bros name is going to be revealed this week, though most of you can probably guess at this point. <3 Enjoy!
Something appears to be happening to poor Scoodles... There's a line man, there's a line.

Either way, welcome to the monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule, already I feel like this is leaving me a LOT more wiggle room to work on pages and get ahead, no more last minute updates for me!

Which leaves me with a ponderance... I'm debating doing either

A) a fourth page on the weekends...


B) Bonus content

As always the final decision would be left up to Paleothea and I but I'd like to know your opinions on such things.
What would you rather see?