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Last one - priceless xD
Thanks for the fast update tho, Meago, i know how hard and time consuming it is.
I knew you wouldn't stop there, Meago, just knew it ^_^
Also, good thing that Bob is really nosy, i know i wouldn't pick up a thrown away piece of paper lol xD
Wow, new pages non stop lately :)
Let me guess - you have something important to do and instead you're updating like crazy? ^__^
Go Meago!^^
Glad so see you're getting better ^^
Sadly, i know nothing of those rules, but i personally don't mind :)
Good luck with poster selling on that convention^^
Roses would be more romantic, no doubt. Yet they have this bad habit of whithering while cards last forever :)
He's a lucky one. As i remember, "geeks" weren't as popular in my school :P
You're right, come to think about it. I guess that's one of them reeeally fast developing relationships :)
My question exactly xD
What's Bob reading? Is it a book that exists irl? :)
Bob reminds me of myself back when i was in school - i loved to read books while sitting on a tree <3 Miss the old days...
I must say, chapter 1 was nicely done. Also i'd like to complement on Emily's hairstyle - its so very different from what i'm used to see at the place where i live. That makes it quite unique :)
Keep it up, Meago! Happy New Year :)