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About myself.....I play D&D and I love anime and manga!
I live in California but I have a huge fascination with the Japanese and Chinese cultures...
I am musically inclined and I'm exceptionally well at drawing via tablet. :3
Guess that's it!
Just as a warning....I heart yaoi!

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February 18th, 2018
I am so happy that I came back to smackjeeves once RL released me from its thorny grasp! I didn’t realize that I had fallen behind with reading this comic! TvT Awesome job with this page!
February 17th, 2018
Oh My
The biotch spoke too soon lol. Hope he doesn’t bust Shiro-kun!
I just found this comic today, and I'm amazed at how well drawn and how well thought out this comic is! XD Well done!
Oh my gosh! I love Harry's reaction to his feelings towards Genesis! It is so adorably funny! X3
:3 Am I seeing slit pupils? I reeeeally love the feathers.
OMG You made it into a comic!And you used Genesis' original concept design for his outfit! I can't wait to see more pages of this!
I'm just wondering, but what program/s do you use?
~ A. JayLin from
PS: You misspelled BARREN :)
OMG With the flowers surrounding the dad, it makes him look like an older woman X3 No offense, but Lucus kinda looks like Rikuo from Nurarihyon no Mago. Just wanted to let you know :3
June 26th, 2012
Never EVER piss off an angry kitty when it comes to family! Go Praxis, go! *runs for the hills to wait for the craziness to go away* XD
They look so cute!.....Oops! I just called Kane cute! XD Castalia's got that wonderful pregnancy glow about her~ :3
July 11th, 2011
Wow....Who pulled the stick from Dani's ass? 0.0......*faints from hyperness and shiny stars*
Yay update! :D
I think for spelling check, on the last panel, 'naught' is supposed to spelled at 'not'.
You draw and color so well X3
I have to ask though, do you use Copic markers to color?
Ouch, that's really got to hurt D:
I've got to say though, his eyelashes are just as thick as mine.....Who needs mascara when you've already got thick lashes? XD
@ okamihanyu: It does hurt. I cried blood for a few days after I got bit by a dog just about next to my eye. I LOL because it was the left, just like Phoebe's getting his contract on XD
I think Christophe is missing quite a few marbles in that head of his....XD
Your drawing skills are amazing~
0/////0 *dies of blood loss*
What a great way to start my day before I leave for Anime Expo~ X3
June 29th, 2011
You're gonna be at the Anime Expo? Same with me!~ X3
Instant fave.
I'm lovin' the last panel too~ :3
June 15th, 2011
Welcome back! X3
Congrats! *looks at ring* Ooooh~ Shiny~ 83
Is it ruby or garnet? XD