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My main vocation is as a recently graduated Fine Artist. My practice is craft, mostly knitting and animated knitting. Although at this moment I'm concentrating on my year-long project 'A Beard A Day'. To see more about this visit

A lot of my digital work is fanart, since it's for fun, but I am trying now to create more original works. It take more effort, but I've found it a lot more rewarding to work with my own characters and stories.

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    G Richmond
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August 14th, 2014
I said if I had an excuse to take Sam's clothes off I'd be more inclined to draw...

Not in a (completely) pervy way, but clothes are just so tedious to draw and colour...
August 13th, 2014
What? Nothing to see here. Stop looking at me like that. This isn't an update. It couldn't be. Dont be silly.
August 11th, 2014
Another page? AHahahahaha! Yeah right.

Kamuel invited all the birds over to hang.
August 10th, 2014
What? Another page? No, you must be mistaken...

(Colours look off? Good, yes, they should. For this chapter I'm going to be using a limited pallet per page just to speed up proceedings. Also expect lots of stock images for when I cant be bothered to draw backgrounds, and some dubious line quality if I happen to sketch something up on paper and try to convert it to photoshop.)
Psst...hey look, chapter 3 has a front cover. Isn't that hilarious?

-__- I love this story so much and I have so many ideas and plans, but I really suck at colouring, or even liking colouring, at all. So I'm going to try and continue this story in some form or another, even if it's really sketchy and irregular.

Well...I'm gonna try.

Watch me fail.
Hey look, update!

I've had the bg for these panels done since....well, since the last page. I only recnelty got around to adding the figures. Which is strange really since I enjoyed drawing that last panel of Kam so very much.

I would probably enjoy drawing Sam more if I had excuse to get her top off...clothes are a pain to draw quite frankly.
I love how a few people are questioning Samsol's issues with homosexuality with reference to real-life cultures and issues. Why cant poeple just accept that you've taken the time to make this big ol' interesting world with character backstories and that this IS NOT REAL LIFE. You could say it was completely normal for people to marry livestock when the gender ratio became imbalanced and people SHOULD accept that as 'oh, cool, author made a decision that they wanted to make completely independantly because this is THEIR STORY'.

...they wouldn't, unfortunately, but still, if people want real life, they should pick up a history book or read the news or something.

In other news, long-time reader, rare commenter. Love the comic and I always look forawrd to every update :)
Well...better late than never I suppose :/

Had a pretty up and down month, so my schedule has gone to shit. I started a new semi-regular job, so what with that and my Beard a Day project AND Christmas presents to make (it's that time of year again!) I've not had much time to sit down at my desktop and get this done.

Also, we had to have our dog put to sleep a couple of weeks ago, so that's pretty much the main reason for me not working on much of anything these last couple of weeks. It totally knocked me for a loop.

So I cant promise any regular updates for the time being, but hopefully it wont be another month before the next page :/ only 2 pages left of this chapter anyway.
Fullview available!
The full version of this page (sans speech) is available over on my devART account at

Also, sorry I've been a bit slack with the posting. RL got in the way, then Batman. Blame Batman.
Better late than never,
Just to be clear, this is a story, not my actual belief. I think all religions are lies.
Blasphemy, blaspheyou, blas-for-everybody-in-the-room.
So yeah, this is only the beginning of this type of religous opinion.

Must get working on the next page!
Okay, so from the next page onwards things start to get a little heretical and blasphemous. So those of a Christian disposition should probably stop reading now :)
Glad to be drawing/colouring Kam again :D I'd missed his dickishness.
Going to try for a schedule from now on.
Since in the 8 months already gone in this year I ave managed a grand total of THREE PAGES (pause for applaud) I have decided to try and get my ass in gear and try for a twice-weekly update for as long as feasable. I would really really love to actually hit my 52 page marker for this year (as I said I wanted to do at the beginning), so twice weekly will start to get me there. Or at least stop my count being so pathetic :/ Seriously, I've been doing this comic for over 2 years, you'd think I'd have more than 55 pages :/

So I'm going to try for a Thursday and Sunday update, at 6pm British time.

In other news, I've started a new beardy project, called A Beard A Day. If you like Beards, or those 'something a day' things, be sure to check it out!
Just went through all the pages up to know. My god some of them are hideous. Especially those in chapter 1. Definately have to go back and redraw that whole chapter at some point.

But at least the art is getting better now. And since I'll be back home for good in a couple days, I'll start being able to do these pages on my computer, rather than my netbook, so they should look even better *fingers crossed*
Oh hai...
Trying a new tactic of not packing my tablet away into it's box after every use. The effort of having to unwrap it has deterred me quite a few times, so if my tablet is to hand maybe I'll be more encouraged to use it? Maybe.

Last month of degree D: The last thing I should be doing right now is comic pages!

Also, sorry if this is hard to follow. Lots of dialogue and little movement :/
Look as that new years deadline flew right by without a single update. I suck so bad.

Oh well, same excuses as usual. But as usual this story is always in my thoughts, making changes and plan and such. Dont loose faith in me yet!
Jesus was not a white man from Oxford.

If he existed, he would have been a dark-skinned man from the Middle East. He would likely be short by todays standards, and, being a carpenter, would have skin and muscles that were hard-worked.

I'm not sure if Kamuel is trying to be helpful, or be a dick.

And you see the wonderfully tacky Christmas jumper Sam's wearing? I have that jumper in real life.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (To those who celebrate it!)
Going to TRY and get this chapter finished by the New year. This may mean an influx of updates in the week leading up to new year, haha. Hopefully when I go for christmas I'll have lots of time to get a buffer going.

Probably after Christmas now I think about it. I have tons of last-minutes presents to make when I go home D: