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girl crazy and weird
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he looks like hamlit
no more Badass?*crys*
i miis the old Omega
man eggman grate i like the shorter eggman
Damn you and you riddles
i love it how king melts out of the shadows
i know what your say i would be dead 80 time over if i said ever thing that came into my mind
same now it time for an upgrade if you know what i mean
i can't wait for the story
stop your bitching the chaos emerald are one of the few things that can power somthing big would you wrather them go after drangon emerald( dragon balls and Chaos emeralds put togther)
October 21st, 2007
where do you get your sprites base?
how care no one like beat
this is like the first time they saw one another for a long time and that all they haft to say
yeah that murphy law ever thing that can go wrong will and stuff like that
why never the super emerlds or the sol emeralds or evint he crystel stars
i've do this all the time
when my nephew is bugging me i say ok let play hind a seek
if you ever need another character call me
so rouge is basses slave now