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Heyy I'm back! Not sure if I'll be staying but I kinda miss making comics. I will probably start again with new comics etc. Message me if you would like to see the return of Neon!
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Reeemeeember meeeee?
I got my Pokemon White two Saturdays ago, and beat it the next day!
it was waaay to easy, at least Platinum took me agout a week.
They need to make the games a bit more of a challenge so it isn't a waste when u finish!
I got White coz Zekrom looks waaay cooler then Reshiram, but I kinda regret it as White Forest really sucks, and the pics I've seen of Black City look awesome!
Where do u get those backgrounds?
Discover an awsome ability to use IceChaos (an ice-based variant of Chaos Energy) and freeze him then use the IceChaos over the fire so it melts and douzes the flames!
How do u do eyes like that on Sonic sprites?
February 28th, 2011
Probably Copa and Godmo... tricking him!
And Reign of Chaos: I agree, SegaSonic is starting to suck, so I've turned to ArchieSonic instead!
Wow your good at drawing!
Wish I could draw this well!
February 13th, 2011
How to u do eyes like those on sprites?
February 3rd, 2011
But Sonic can outrun anything!
Don't take it the wrong way, but I'm routing for Sonic in this one!
Gawd, I wanna download MapleStory Europe, but the stupid download takes ages, so I gave up!
Why can't they make Maplestory an online game, like habbo or TinierMe, so you don't have to download it?
Is this guy ever going to smile?
It's kinda depressing having a hero who always frowns and utters grim remarks!
Yeah, he looks like a Namekian.
HEY! Yoda's son! Or grandson!
(Team Cha-ot-ix) They're detectives, you want on your siii-eed,
(Team Cha-ot-ix) They're directives, tracking down your crimes!
Come along for the ride (Cha-ot-ix)
Truth can run but not hide,
For long, the game is on!
January 17th, 2011
I love the Hitchhiker series!
But 42 isn't the meaning of life, it's the ANSWER TO LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHIIIIIIING!
I only watched the episode when Ginyu and Goku swap bodies today!
Correction: Chaos Emeralds are made entirely out of Chaos Energy, Dragon Balls appear to be merely glass with magic energy inside.