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Alice- 4
Emilee- 4
Freddie- 4
Geena- 4
Heinz- 1
Iraenus- 7 (I agree with Orange-Ratchet... bisexuals creep me out...)
Jackie- 10
Johnny- 5
Kiara- 7
Malik- 1
Matt- 1
Melanie- 9
Oehda- 10
Penny- 7
Shaniqua- 4
Xero- 10

Well well, looks like this is it...
To all the others...
Yeah, it's a shame. I'm sure she'll be missed.
Thanks again for including Driz in this story... now, if anybody's interested in Driz's conclusion to this story, go ahead and read it...

Three months after the SFC7 finale, Driz had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. She went to the hospital for three months, and eventually died there. Some of the others were saddened (Ex. Rodent), while some others just plain didn't care (EX. Conker). But everyone knew that Driz was happy in her own world... reunited with Tug, her husband.

RIP Driz

1950 to 2011

Thanks again, guys.
Betty- 9
Bo- 6
Chloe- 6
Chrii- 7
Derek- 10
Dinah- 1
Driz- 10
Jasen- 6
Ker- 7
Krauss- 7
Lauren- 2
Manya- 7
Phil- 1
Quadratic- 10
Riddle- 10
Russell- 0
Ryuia- 4
Skazzatrazz- 0
Ventious- 0
Wrecker- 10

Winner Pick: Quadratic
I think somebody hung out with Peppermint Larry to learn about pickles...
Well, I expected as much... somehow, I KNEW Driz would be an early boot. (smiles a bit) Thanks for taking the early boot thing into consideration for Driz...

At least I still have some of my other characters I entered... so it's good on Driz's story.
As much as I'd love to see my character Driz being an early boot (I'm not expecting much from her anyway), I can't put anything straight in stone just yet. May have to wait for tomorrow.
Last panel: Russell did no such thing! Skazz just did it on his own free will, and Betty just took over.

Also... has anybody even NOTICED that Russell's mask is colored pink? Skazz redecorated it from Ker's makeup, yeah, I got that part! But, here's the question. People are bound to figure out that Russell's mask is pink, and they're eventually going to realize that his face isn't disfigured. Okay, some of them didn't say it, but I'm guessing the others thought his face is disfigured. I mean, come on people! The mask is pink! Don't you think anybody will notice?
Well... you never really asked me about it. I did have a name for Driz's husband, but it's been a long time ago... I think it was some silly name, like either Tug or Ray... I think his initial name was Tug.
I was reading the comments on the Deviantart site and...

Well, I don't get why all of a sudden, they went from hating Driz to liking her. She has Down Syndrome, she lost her husband in the war with the Tediz, and she's going to die after this season is over.

People, Driz will be dying after this whole thing is over... consider this as a way of saying 'Screw you people'.

Sorry if this was sudden SWSU, but that was my initial plan for her when I thought of the character Driz.
Well, Driz's first confessional, and she mentions her past... with that said, I don't think she'll go just yet... I mean, she just was revealed about a comic ago. No, it's either Riddle, Krauss, Skazz or Russell.
This is going to be good...

Let's see how this tribe is going to react to Driz...
For third panel... Morons who wanted a good idea for furry art and idiots who watched your cartoons AFTER Survivor Fan Characters 4!

I hope that's a good enough insult...
Yay, my Conker character!

I'm indifferent about a Twilight character, but Yay to Conker!

Oh, and Ed, Edd N Eddy. That is awesome!
Whoa, a fan character coming from a Dreamworks movie... that doesn't happen every day.

Great to see Flintstones and Teen Titans fan characters in this!
I had two other character possibilities from a couple different shows, but I didn't expect this one to be picked... to be honest. Maybe it's the story behind my rat character, and it kinda makes sense since the world she lives in is an anthro world... plus, she has a couple of syndromes that humans tend to have when they reach old age or were born with all their life. What they are, you'll see in the comic.
Well, I see my character got a mention in Panel 6...

This red haired guy wouldn't know my character unless he heard about what happened with a loved one she lost in the war with the Tediz...
Whoo hoo!

Time now for SFC7... I can't wait to see how my character does!
Popper and his Party hat!

Also, I'm glad to see Joe went back to the hoodie... it's not purple, but it's the look he had from SFC4!
I wonder... who will get the car curse?

Yes, I know Marius broke that curse last season, but that was on a place called 'Cursed Islands'... so I don't think that counts...

So yeah, car curse can still be in effect... who will get the car and not win the game...? Who knows?